Saturday, 27 August 2016

42 suicides in 2016 says there's something very wrong in ADF.

There are several aspects of this that suggest there is a pattern in our government sector of ignoring serious issues with a view to minimising liability for blatant mistakes. I've seen it personally many times. The duty of care that is meant to be paramount seems to be a distant placing to risk mitigation of the employer's liability.
Our defence personnel are often exposed to trauma & death in combat zones. PTSD is indisputably a disorder that is recognised globally. I know myself,my great-grandfather Ted Barrington was traumatised by what he experienced in WW1. Of course, back in the day, PTSD wasn't recognised. As a result, pop found solace in self-medicating with  alcohol.
We have a duty to provide the best to these people. They put themselves in harms way representing the nation's alleged interests without question.
There are serious questions regarding  medications that have been administered to ADF personnel for Malaria, Mefloquine & tafenoquine. There are many aspects of this that flag wrongdoing. This is of course clouded by agenda drove, conflicting versions which sadly is part of government & big pharma modus operandi. This area will only ever be addressed adequately in the courts. With the people effected taking their own lives it is left for others to fight this battle. Some of those have to fight this and the PTSD .
Anyway, you look at it, our defence personnel are being let down badly by the govt they serve. That aspect should be addressed post haste to ensure the 42 we have lost this year doesn't continue to spiral as it is. I have no doubt these people have been systematically screwed by their government. Threatening pensions via legislation implies both guilt & an endeavor to cover up.