Monday, 19 September 2016

Do you see what I see? #auspol

Five very wealthy Aussies have all shown a late & sudden interest in meat & dairy, particularly dairy. The timing of this raises my eyebrows for several reasons. The first is our trade minister around this time was negotiating trade deals TPP & Chafta. The five wealthy Aussies are Brett Blundy, Gerry Harvey, Andrew Forrest , Gina Rinehart & Kerry Stokes. Many of these successful people have seemingly unfettered access to politicians. Some or all of them are major contributors to the Liberal Party. Are they privy to information that most of us are not? Or is this just coincidental?
It comes as no surprise to me that this sector according to farmers has been neglected. Seems to be a pattern of government to neglect areas that are targets of donors. Things like roads, ports & transport are ill-equipped to meet the expected spike in demand that will come with free trade. By allowing this to occur the government has ensured farmers were under pressure. Putting lower values on what are valuable assets. In the same way, governments trash assets prior to privatisation. What of the ripped of farmers?
Now if one person aged between 55 & 77 had a sudden interest in farming that would be strange. For all five to have the same calling at around the same time is far less likely to be coincidental.
Then we get to the trade minister who did the deal. Andrew Robb after doing the deals resigns from politics & lands himself a lucrative deal . Alarm bells are going off in my head. Is there a relationship between Andrew Robb and the wealthy five Aussies? Yes, there is with at least one. Is there a relationship between the firm that hired Mr. Robb  and the wealthy five? Not ruling it out or confirming it. There are enough red flags pardon the pun to warrant investigation.
Then there is the issue of a minister taking a role that he is not meant to be able to take for 18 months after resigning from a ministry. Which everybody in and around Australian politics seems hellbent on ignoring.

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Greens give oxygen to idiots.

Politicians make it difficult for people to protest yet they are prepared to fly their own flag on a whim.
The Greens walked off the job in the Senate rather than listening to Pauline Hanson's first speech in this parliament. I generally don't agree with Hanson's delivery. Only a few of her messages resonate with me. She was elected to the Senate and her position also got others in her team a lot of support. I think much of this was a protest against the major parties Greens included. By turning their backs and walking out the Greens are thumbing their nose at the voters who supported Hanson. I wonder how politically astute that is.                    
I like freedom of speech. I don't agree as I said with much of Hanson's politics. If you want to debunk something you don't walk away from it. You tackle it head on. Bombard it with facts. Until the weight of evidence sinks it publicly. When the people witness the failings they move away. Look at the rise & fall of Palmer United in the previous parliament as a template. Even if it was Clive that generally tore himself apart rather than his adversaries.
If the major parties play Hanson & her colleagues the wrong way it will backfire. They will grow not falter. If they confront her & take er out of her comfort zone ,she will follow Clive. The media are going to play with her like a new toy. Actions like those of the Greens get her more airtime. Any publicity is good publicity isn't always the case. Being known as a politician is one major hurdle that confronts most candidates ticked off. I can verify that via personal experience.

Monday, 12 September 2016

Sack Brandis clean up corruption, or face rebellion.

It doesn't matter what George Brandis's son did or didn't do. What is wrong is that the person who represented him donated money to Brandis. Brandis has awarded this lawyer a $370k per annum role. This type of thing is at epidemic levels in Australian politics, although rarely this blatant. How it has been allowed to evolve to this level is disgraceful. Our political system is in real strife. This issue is one of the incredibly serious issues that must be eradicated, or our nation is screwed and it's fate sealed.                                                          
Actions like the attorney generals have rendered our allegedly independent authorities & broadcasters controlled facades. Through carefully selected political appointments. Just prior to the federal election in 2016 130 appointments were made by the caretaker government. This is designed almost as an insurance policy for the incumbent government to maintain high levels of control, should they fail to win the election. Many of these jobs go to donors family members associates. Similar things are happening with government contracts.
Malcolm Turnbull should ask for Brandis to resign or sack him immediately. I doubt he will have the courage or gumption to do either. I fear the standards that MPs have for probity & compliance are in an irredeemable place in 2016.
I think our political system is so polluted via donations lobbyists and things aforementioned that only a revolution & a caretaker government with wide-ranging powers could fix what is wrong. Execution of justice would need to be harsh & swift. It would involve asset seizure incarceration & loss of any perks associated with public service.
I am unsure how many of my fellow Australians can see what I see, or have the stomach for this upheaval. I do know people are fed up with politics generally. Unless enough people are of the same view I can only see this corrupt greed driven society expanding its hold on all of our futures.