Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Greens give oxygen to idiots.

Politicians make it difficult for people to protest yet they are prepared to fly their own flag on a whim.
The Greens walked off the job in the Senate rather than listening to Pauline Hanson's first speech in this parliament. I generally don't agree with Hanson's delivery. Only a few of her messages resonate with me. She was elected to the Senate and her position also got others in her team a lot of support. I think much of this was a protest against the major parties Greens included. By turning their backs and walking out the Greens are thumbing their nose at the voters who supported Hanson. I wonder how politically astute that is.                    
I like freedom of speech. I don't agree as I said with much of Hanson's politics. If you want to debunk something you don't walk away from it. You tackle it head on. Bombard it with facts. Until the weight of evidence sinks it publicly. When the people witness the failings they move away. Look at the rise & fall of Palmer United in the previous parliament as a template. Even if it was Clive that generally tore himself apart rather than his adversaries.
If the major parties play Hanson & her colleagues the wrong way it will backfire. They will grow not falter. If they confront her & take er out of her comfort zone ,she will follow Clive. The media are going to play with her like a new toy. Actions like those of the Greens get her more airtime. Any publicity is good publicity isn't always the case. Being known as a politician is one major hurdle that confronts most candidates ticked off. I can verify that via personal experience.

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