Monday, 24 October 2016

How many Aussies feel like me?

As I watch Australian politics spiral out of control. I wonder. I wonder how far it must fall before Australians feel compelled to act.
I don't think I've ever witnessed a worse government in my fifty years on earth. Everywhere you look there are failures. Some multiple some departed. A Prime Minister that has sold his personal convictions to pedal policies he has always stood against. Ministers with no handle on their portfolios. Serious issues in society, evolving before our eyes without any semblance of a plan to address them.
Then there are the systemic issues in our political system that see two inept clubs dominate with no pressure to evolve.
Little wonder bizarre groups are growing legs in spite of their extreme views. Australian politics is a shambles. 105k homeless, 730k children living in poverty, 2+ people a week dying in domestic violence. Poor areas being targeted with low-cost dangerous drugs in poorly funded under-policed areas this thrives.
Politicians with ideas & inspiration are either non-existent or are denied attention by a media heavily compromised by their reliance on political advertising & the relationships they hide from cameras with our MPs.
I had reached a point where I felt compelled to act in 2014. So I decided to run for the Senate to provide a voice for ordinary Aussies and serious areas of neglect that need attention. This experience while valuable highlighted just how closed off the system has become. Media deny good candidates oxygen. Choosing fringe dwellers, people with chequered pasts and failed incumbents over genuine opposition to the status quo.
I will continue to kick at the door. I do think Australia is worth fight for. I don't believe a lone Senator can change the system. I do believe It would create a platform to highlight what must be done. We need complete political reform. We need serious issues of integrity & corruption exposed & heavily punished. We need robust controls over MP behavior. We need to rid parliament house of lobbyists. We need to open our parliament up to Australians of all walks of life. We need to break media domination up. We need to tackle serious problems before the become generational as many are today. We need to be prepared to try new things to solve our issues.
Let's have a non-violent revolution. Let's break the cycle of failure.

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Government battling its inner demons

The events in parliament over deals relating to Adler shotguns has shown just how unstable this government is. Since Abbott was rolled by Turnbull there has been a steady flow of issues which Abbott has utilised to pressure Turnbull. On this occasion, Abbott's bluff was called. Turnbull didn't react quickly he chose to  expose reality which was embarrassing for Abbott. Abbott's claim he wasn't across deals made are fanciful. It is undisputed that Peta Credlin had a tight leash on everything while
Abbott was prime minister.
What I find fascinating is watching the government interacting with one another. They claim that Abbott is damaged by this issue. Yet he's been caught in lies before and soldiers on regardless. Has this issue lost the right as is being claimed? Or is it business as usual? Of course, the ministers are going to support Turnbull. They are pot committed as most or all were involved in Tony Abbott's demise. What of those who aren't? The MPs with no ministry that harbor ambition how do they feel?

I will be watching over the next few months to see just how many testing issues expose the coalitions

Friday, 21 October 2016

It is but it isn't.

I love watching comedy, I always have. Often laughter momentarily frees your mind. Monty Python, The Goodies, Dave Allen, Black Adder, Dick Emery, Paul Hogan and The two Ronnies all provided laughter as I was growing up.
Of recent times most of my amusement comes from watching the stupidity of our politicians. This government is like no other in that regard. If I was to list them from 2013 until today I would be writing a book, not a blog. A few highlights would be the Mal Brough's confession on 60 minutes witnessed or discussed by most of Australia, regarding Peter Slipper's diary disappearance. George Brandis regaling us of the importance of metadata while clearly demonstrating his complete ignorance of what metadata actually is. Then there's Tony Abbott his knighthood for Prince Phillip & his onion eating exploits. Joe hockey & his inane ability to say the wrong thing at the right time. From the 'age of entitlement' to 'poor people not driving'. Julie & Bronwyn Bishop's total disregard for taxpayers via travel & expenses culminating for Bronwyn with chopper gate & for Julie it appears the Bunga Bunga flights & extravagant travel may never end. I could keep writing about gaffs & other things that are so ridiculous they generally end in bemusement.
Ordinarily, most of these things would be funny. If these people were running a private company whilst some would be jailed I'm sure the public would find humour in it. Yet these people are running the nation. While they bounce from blooper to blooper it has a devastating impact on society. They are almost using this stupidity to distract as they gut institutions with privatisation austerity & other strange policies. So many areas of neglect are evolving one really doesn't know where to look.
One thing is certain these people & the adversity they are creating, is anything but funny.

Monday, 17 October 2016

Why the TPP & Chafta are counterproductive to jobs & growth

Call me cynical. From the moment free trade agreements were mentioned I knew it was driven by a hidden agenda to break unionism & destroy permanent employment in Australia. Think about it. Who benefits from  free trade? The big corporations do. How does it erode permanent employment? When competition arrives with deeper pockets & they invest enough money they qualify to bring their own people. They can pay these people less than our current rate. How does existing business compete with greater costs & less capital? It doesn't. Jobs will be gone. By casualising the workforce big business thinks it will destroy the union's power. I think it will impact it but there are avenues to adjust.                                                
It isn't a fait accompli that these deals will get through parliament across the world. People are starting to understand the hold corporations have on politicians & policy around the developed world. They are starting to see that policies have been operating to serve their agenda for decades. Privatisation, austerity & trickle down economics have all been widely used with the same poor results across the globe. This has impacted employment across the globe adversely. It has widened the gap between the aristocracy & ordinary people. The trade deals are the nail in the coffin.
If this happens it will end in disaster. Eventually, people will rise against this. The end game of corporate globalisation has to be ugly. Oligopolies become monopolies & huge sections of society become redundant. We eventually either become tenants in our own land or homeless. The lucky few
become targets. They control everything except the victims of their plunder.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Letter regarding complaint Parking Hume Council CEO


Dear Mr Domenic Isola,

I am writing to complain about an issue that I have had since being issued with a parking infringement in the Broadmeadows Shopping. I have had numerous emails and phone calls exchanged with Tenix Solutions. I have been given misleading information on the phone on at least 3 separate occassions. I have had people say they will return calls & fail to. I rang the council offices to complain about this on 11/10/2016 & was put on hold for 5 minutes then transferred to Tenix Solutions who I was ringing to complain about.
The infringement no 5090798 registration xoo802. I was parked at the southern end of the car park.
The signage around the perimeter is permit parking the inner area has galvanised poles with no signage where I was parked. I have been told that there is signage at both entry points which I haven't seen but don't dispute. I do note that where I parked neither of these signs are visible. Many of the people I have dealt with in this saga suggest that this is compliant with legislation. I doubt that a State would pass laws with an intent to be ambiguous the way this shopping centre car park is. The Northern end where I usually park is 4 hr park with the exception of loading zones & disabled parking. All are clearly marked with signs ironically on the same galvanised poles that have nos signs where I was fined. The underground area is marked on structural poles but again is 4 hr.
I have been told by Clare in infringements that the area is compliant with requirements. I spoke with a lady from your office I think her name was Aida. I was informed in this discussion that the council has recently passed a by-law exempting you from involvement in parking disputes. I suggest that if you are going to have unclearly marked parking areas & issue fines it's only fair you should front up and discuss the matter.
Why should someone spend money in your region be treated in this way & have no recourse other than running the gauntlet & facing additional penalties. The parking fine would be fair if the area was clearly signed.

Attached is a picture of myself next to a pole with no sign and a message that has been included to explain to my followers on social media. I am also cc: A Current Affair in this email. Should you choose to respond I will happily include that in the blog as an update. I intend to take this back to the ombudsman when the time you have has passed.

                                                       Thank you, regards Mark Dickenson