Sunday, 23 October 2016

Government battling its inner demons

The events in parliament over deals relating to Adler shotguns has shown just how unstable this government is. Since Abbott was rolled by Turnbull there has been a steady flow of issues which Abbott has utilised to pressure Turnbull. On this occasion, Abbott's bluff was called. Turnbull didn't react quickly he chose to  expose reality which was embarrassing for Abbott. Abbott's claim he wasn't across deals made are fanciful. It is undisputed that Peta Credlin had a tight leash on everything while
Abbott was prime minister.
What I find fascinating is watching the government interacting with one another. They claim that Abbott is damaged by this issue. Yet he's been caught in lies before and soldiers on regardless. Has this issue lost the right as is being claimed? Or is it business as usual? Of course, the ministers are going to support Turnbull. They are pot committed as most or all were involved in Tony Abbott's demise. What of those who aren't? The MPs with no ministry that harbor ambition how do they feel?

I will be watching over the next few months to see just how many testing issues expose the coalitions