Monday, 24 October 2016

How many Aussies feel like me?

As I watch Australian politics spiral out of control. I wonder. I wonder how far it must fall before Australians feel compelled to act.
I don't think I've ever witnessed a worse government in my fifty years on earth. Everywhere you look there are failures. Some multiple some departed. A Prime Minister that has sold his personal convictions to pedal policies he has always stood against. Ministers with no handle on their portfolios. Serious issues in society, evolving before our eyes without any semblance of a plan to address them.
Then there are the systemic issues in our political system that see two inept clubs dominate with no pressure to evolve.
Little wonder bizarre groups are growing legs in spite of their extreme views. Australian politics is a shambles. 105k homeless, 730k children living in poverty, 2+ people a week dying in domestic violence. Poor areas being targeted with low-cost dangerous drugs in poorly funded under-policed areas this thrives.
Politicians with ideas & inspiration are either non-existent or are denied attention by a media heavily compromised by their reliance on political advertising & the relationships they hide from cameras with our MPs.
I had reached a point where I felt compelled to act in 2014. So I decided to run for the Senate to provide a voice for ordinary Aussies and serious areas of neglect that need attention. This experience while valuable highlighted just how closed off the system has become. Media deny good candidates oxygen. Choosing fringe dwellers, people with chequered pasts and failed incumbents over genuine opposition to the status quo.
I will continue to kick at the door. I do think Australia is worth fight for. I don't believe a lone Senator can change the system. I do believe It would create a platform to highlight what must be done. We need complete political reform. We need serious issues of integrity & corruption exposed & heavily punished. We need robust controls over MP behavior. We need to rid parliament house of lobbyists. We need to open our parliament up to Australians of all walks of life. We need to break media domination up. We need to tackle serious problems before the become generational as many are today. We need to be prepared to try new things to solve our issues.
Let's have a non-violent revolution. Let's break the cycle of failure.

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