Friday, 21 October 2016

It is but it isn't.

I love watching comedy, I always have. Often laughter momentarily frees your mind. Monty Python, The Goodies, Dave Allen, Black Adder, Dick Emery, Paul Hogan and The two Ronnies all provided laughter as I was growing up.
Of recent times most of my amusement comes from watching the stupidity of our politicians. This government is like no other in that regard. If I was to list them from 2013 until today I would be writing a book, not a blog. A few highlights would be the Mal Brough's confession on 60 minutes witnessed or discussed by most of Australia, regarding Peter Slipper's diary disappearance. George Brandis regaling us of the importance of metadata while clearly demonstrating his complete ignorance of what metadata actually is. Then there's Tony Abbott his knighthood for Prince Phillip & his onion eating exploits. Joe hockey & his inane ability to say the wrong thing at the right time. From the 'age of entitlement' to 'poor people not driving'. Julie & Bronwyn Bishop's total disregard for taxpayers via travel & expenses culminating for Bronwyn with chopper gate & for Julie it appears the Bunga Bunga flights & extravagant travel may never end. I could keep writing about gaffs & other things that are so ridiculous they generally end in bemusement.
Ordinarily, most of these things would be funny. If these people were running a private company whilst some would be jailed I'm sure the public would find humour in it. Yet these people are running the nation. While they bounce from blooper to blooper it has a devastating impact on society. They are almost using this stupidity to distract as they gut institutions with privatisation austerity & other strange policies. So many areas of neglect are evolving one really doesn't know where to look.
One thing is certain these people & the adversity they are creating, is anything but funny.