Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Letter regarding complaint Parking Hume Council CEO


Dear Mr Domenic Isola,

I am writing to complain about an issue that I have had since being issued with a parking infringement in the Broadmeadows Shopping. I have had numerous emails and phone calls exchanged with Tenix Solutions. I have been given misleading information on the phone on at least 3 separate occassions. I have had people say they will return calls & fail to. I rang the council offices to complain about this on 11/10/2016 & was put on hold for 5 minutes then transferred to Tenix Solutions who I was ringing to complain about.
The infringement no 5090798 registration xoo802. I was parked at the southern end of the car park.
The signage around the perimeter is permit parking the inner area has galvanised poles with no signage where I was parked. I have been told that there is signage at both entry points which I haven't seen but don't dispute. I do note that where I parked neither of these signs are visible. Many of the people I have dealt with in this saga suggest that this is compliant with legislation. I doubt that a State would pass laws with an intent to be ambiguous the way this shopping centre car park is. The Northern end where I usually park is 4 hr park with the exception of loading zones & disabled parking. All are clearly marked with signs ironically on the same galvanised poles that have nos signs where I was fined. The underground area is marked on structural poles but again is 4 hr.
I have been told by Clare in infringements that the area is compliant with requirements. I spoke with a lady from your office I think her name was Aida. I was informed in this discussion that the council has recently passed a by-law exempting you from involvement in parking disputes. I suggest that if you are going to have unclearly marked parking areas & issue fines it's only fair you should front up and discuss the matter.
Why should someone spend money in your region be treated in this way & have no recourse other than running the gauntlet & facing additional penalties. The parking fine would be fair if the area was clearly signed.

Attached is a picture of myself next to a pole with no sign and a message that has been included to explain to my followers on social media. I am also cc: A Current Affair in this email. Should you choose to respond I will happily include that in the blog as an update. I intend to take this back to the ombudsman when the time you have has passed.

                                                       Thank you, regards Mark Dickenson