Monday, 17 October 2016

Why the TPP & Chafta are counterproductive to jobs & growth

Call me cynical. From the moment free trade agreements were mentioned I knew it was driven by a hidden agenda to break unionism & destroy permanent employment in Australia. Think about it. Who benefits from  free trade? The big corporations do. How does it erode permanent employment? When competition arrives with deeper pockets & they invest enough money they qualify to bring their own people. They can pay these people less than our current rate. How does existing business compete with greater costs & less capital? It doesn't. Jobs will be gone. By casualising the workforce big business thinks it will destroy the union's power. I think it will impact it but there are avenues to adjust.                                                
It isn't a fait accompli that these deals will get through parliament across the world. People are starting to understand the hold corporations have on politicians & policy around the developed world. They are starting to see that policies have been operating to serve their agenda for decades. Privatisation, austerity & trickle down economics have all been widely used with the same poor results across the globe. This has impacted employment across the globe adversely. It has widened the gap between the aristocracy & ordinary people. The trade deals are the nail in the coffin.
If this happens it will end in disaster. Eventually, people will rise against this. The end game of corporate globalisation has to be ugly. Oligopolies become monopolies & huge sections of society become redundant. We eventually either become tenants in our own land or homeless. The lucky few
become targets. They control everything except the victims of their plunder.