Sunday, 20 November 2016

Offshore detention & the human cost.

 In 2016 the problems our nation faces are immense. There is so much neglect of local issue that distant ones like Nauru & Manus are far from the minds of many. Politicians add to this significantly using economic excuses for inaction in a number of areas. Modern economies don't run like a household budget yet often that's how they're sold. You can invest in various problems at the same time. Often tackling problems early is a prudent course of action.
When I think about tackling problems I rely on information life experience and empathy before I form any opinion. In the case of asylum seekers, I am robbed of all three. I've never lived in fear of my national leaders until recently. I've never been compelled to flee as a refugee. I've never been detained without a trial or conviction. I imagine what it would be like to go through the process they have taken on. What it would be like to lose 3 or more years of your life. Some things are just unimaginable.
These people the victims of a political war in Australia have paid a huge price. Thousands of years of human life has been stolen. Our politicians are wheeling & dealing to get an outcome now. I'm sure there will be measures put in place in any deals to mitigate the nation's responsibility. Governments hate being accountable for their failings. They've built a system around themselves to assist them in delaying most issues around them.
I hate this issue because it is going to go with these people where ever they are hidden for the rest of their lives. They are damaged. Damaged by our governments in our name. That fact is inescapable.