Thursday, 10 November 2016

RACV insurance sucks! My opinion

  Very early in the morning on the 23/10/2016, I was in a pretty big car accident. The other vehicle involved sped off. I managed to get a partial number plate & proceeded to the police station to report the accident immediately after I'd gathered my composure. Spent about an hour making a police report with as much detail as I could.
Having comprehensive insurance at least I thought I'd be covered for the repair of my vehicle. I've been a customer of RACV insurance for many years. So have many of my family. That means nothing of course. I have to pay an excess as the customer loses if some criminal flees the scene of an accident. Apparently, that is in the fine print of a contract they claim I agreed to although they never disclosed that fact at the point of sale.
The insurance I purchased is not what I wanted or thought & the RACV isn't an organisation that I will ever use again. I also recommend people should shop around for a better deal from an alternative Car insurance provider with better customer care & cheaper prices. I thought loyalty was a two-way street . It is a dead end road.
Should the police find the other driver things change the woman said. Well my opinion of RACV won't they suck. #BoycottRACVinsurance.

Interaction on facebook regarding this issue with RACV.

Mark Dickenson Wow, 600 people have already read the blog 2,500 have seen the tweet. I still haven't got my car back. I didn't take the hire car. RACV insurance is a poor service provider from personal experience. I will keep posting updates until I get $625 value .As I'm injured I have plenty of time.
RACV Hi Mark, Can you please PM us your policy or claim number and your best contact and we'll have someone get in touch with you.

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Mark Dickenson
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RACV Hi Mark, Sorry to hear we have not met your expectations in this matter. 
In the case where we are not able to get in contact with the other driver, an excess applies on the claim. 
Regards, Nek.
Marisa Monroe
Marisa Monroe That's bloody bs!! 
The people who do the wrong thing get away with it!! 
I'm sorry I didn't know this happened to you and thank god you're ok!
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Mark Dickenson
Mark Dickenson The audience has doubled. The temporary staff they have on weekends have made contact. They can't make decisions. They are repeating the same things training allows. While the CEO sips pina colada's on a banana lounge. 5,105 views I hope they all abandon RACV insurance.
Mark Dickenson
Mark Dickenson Was told the car would be ready last week. Another reason to leave RACV. Plenty of interest in the blog, twitter reach 8,558 all getting the#BoycottRACVinsurance message.
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Mark Dickenson
Mark Dickenson Got a complaint about your insurance provider like I do with RACV. Lodge a complaint with #BoycottRACVinsurance

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