Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Republic of Australia.

I'm sick of following others with blind faith. We have a great nation, yet for decades we have been languishing. Surviving on the resources nature provided & the assets built by more creative generations.
I have a range of ideas that would give Australia its own place in the world, less reliant on everyone else. The first thing we must do is fund what we want to do. I would heavily focus on creating more competitive markets. Currently, we have our biggest corporations paying little or no tax. At the same time start-ups, small business & small corporations are paying higher taxes. I would go hard at the corporate freeloaders to create more balance. There are ways to force tax compliance. We need everybody in Australia contributing to society. Increased competition will create jobs reducing price gouging of consumers that is occurring in many of our national markets.
I would set up a fully independent authority to tackle corruption that I believe is at epidemic levels in & around Australian politics. I would give this authority broad powers to investigate & prosecute people that have been exploiting a watered down system with no integrity. The entire public service sector would be remodeled to stop the stranglehold the major parties have created through political appointments.                                        
Instead of spending huge amounts on political advertising like today. I would direct the funds into govt owned media outlets existing & new like SBS & ABC. I would limit the spend on advertising as it is an obscene waste of government revenue. Much better spent on service provision in my opinion. Australia has been pumping the tyres of media moguls through advertising budgets. This has contributed very little to the nation or the freedom of television content.
I'd like to tackle a lot of the nation's problems. The generational welfare issues of indigenous & others. I want services to be delivered that govt funds. I want to trial programs to solve these issues. The same with homelessness.
I want to reduce the amount of government in Australia. I want to move away from the model being used where everything is user pays. From roads to medicine & many things in between. I want to build govt assets that will provide jobs for Australians. I want to work hard to provide better links between country & city to ensure our rural areas grow with the nation.
There are many more ideas but I think the biggest thing required to achieve these things is reform.We need political reform & I think we need to stand on our own feet. I'd like us to become a republic. I'd like us to get off the political merry-go-round our political system has us on.

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