Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Government must stop blaming welfare. Lazy lies do damage.

There are numerous people that fall under the same very broad umbrella. Welfare is a very large part of the federal budget. It covers the aged pensioners, disabled & unemployed. All of these people are tarred with a very broad brush by government propaganda. The media assists the government by portraying them as a burden. The reality is this is not the case. It is possible for any person to find themselves in any of the three subsets of welfare. Even the most successful people can be hit by misfortune in life. Welfare is just a safety net to ensure we don't leave our fallen in our wake.
Of course, in any area of life where money is involved, there is a criminal aspect which none of us condone. The government often misrepresent this in the media. Recently the unemployed were targeted as bludgers. Claims that 35,000 dole recipients had refused work & that it was a huge burden on taxpayers. The media instead of fact checking this just ran with it. The truth is the number is actually 589 according to ACOSS. The 589 would have had their payments cut immediately if they refused work without providing a genuine reason. I know this because I have seen the system from within. There are arduous sometimes invasive details required of people on welfare. The government uses propaganda to deflect from their own failings. In 2013 they promised to provide 2 million jobs yet since Xmas 2015 over 60 thousand permanent jobs have disappeared.
Governments use welfare recipients as whipping boys. If we are distracted by them we are not focussed on the failures of governments. People that are paying tax are riled at the thought of freeloaders. The media & government fuel that anger. They don't delve into fact.

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