Sunday, 4 December 2016

The things making #auspol dysfunctional.

Political parties generally start off with reasonable intent. Ideas, philosophy, whatever it may be. Small or large they all appear to have difficulty with focus. Ambition, factions and varied opinions all seem to push those they represent further back in the queue. Political donations have a real impact also. To compete they are necessary. How much does this cloud the party agenda? They require unity to survive, yet the unity in public discourse doesn't encourage argument and is counterproductive to policy improvement.
Within parties, you have preselection battles these are again both generators of factions & often not merit-based outcomes. Having the best candidates in safe seats should be beneficial to growing a parties brand. Often candidates get in safe seats & become ensconced irrespective of performance or
ability. Many couldn't be removed with a crowbar, often keeping better candidates out in the cold.

In Australia, we have a two party preferred system. It's effectively a duopoly. One fails the other gets the gig. Monotonous, it encourages people to hang around for next time. You don't generally win government the incumbent either retains it or loses it. A large percentage of voters are like beavers who mate for life, although in recent elections, that is slowly eroding.

I think we would be better served as a nation if we voted for individuals rather than parties. Perhaps 7 from each State. No second house. All candidates should be given equal media time during election campaigns. I think it would encourage real debate. No more political donations. No relationships between corporations & candidates. If a candidate has a pecuniary interest in any area of government business it must be made public. It would automatically preclude them voting on issues related to those interests.
We have to make sure that people in government are genuinely working for the people they represent. Our current political system ceased to do so a long long time ago. We need to ensure our welfare as a
society. The status quo is failing 99% of us. It's very important that the network surrounding government is independent of government. Political appointments are not conducive to independence.