Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Why I want to represent people.

I watch & learn as I go like we all do. We all have opinions, ideas, and experiences through our lives. I share mine when I think it will help someone else. This stuff is at the core of why I ran for parliament in 2016. It is why I want to keep working towards it in 2019 provided I'm still in good nick and there's still a need. I'm actively interactive with people online predominantly on twitter. I'm doing this to connect with people. To better understand issues that exist, other experiences are critical. I'm not always going to agree with the position or ideas of others online or in other forums.I don't have a mortgage on being right. By listening & engaging, you grow in knowledge & understanding.
If I felt we were well represented in parliament I wouldn't be doing this. I've watched politicians throughout my life and I find most of them to be aloof, distant and out of touch with my reality. Our parliament has a lot of the same types of people. 60% are lawyers while in our society less than 1% of us are lawyers. I really believe that is a major issue & why decisions govt make often aren't what's required.
I've got a dad in aged care. A mum who is a pensioner. A sister who has cystic fibrosis.  A daughter with a new small business. My eldest son Darren is developing apps while working in the mining sector.A son with autism. A wife who is a carer. My father has bipolar disorder so mental health is an interest. I've got three grandkids with everything in front of them. I lost a family member to suicide so that support network is an area I am learning about. I have a diverse work history. I've run a business.  So all of these things I have an interest in and reasonable knowledge of. I'm just one of you is what I'm trying to convey.
Nobody with issues should be ignored or left behind by society. I can see that problems are growing under the governments we have now & have had since the 1980's. I remember Bob Hawke saying no Australian child will live in poverty when I was at college. Sadly it has never been higher in Australia than it is today.                                              
My point really is I want to be interactive with people so that I am better equipped to represent their concerns. If I manage to get elected next time, perhaps people seeing me doing it my way will put pressure on our political parties to change their behaviours. Politics has to be about society about you and everyone else around you, in my opinion.