Monday, 27 February 2017

Corporate globalisation is a path to destruction.

Allowing corporations to have their way with us is both foolish & a perilous path. These faceless entities have no empathy or care for the impact they have on society. They have no plan for what they discard. They have no desire to fix what they break.
We are told that the world is changing. That we are moving to a world where there are very few jobs. They call it automation. In a world where discussions about unemployment & welfare are so immature. Governments severely compromised by their relationships with lobbyists and corporations seemingly have no plans to combat this, in fact, they seem to be in bed with it.
I wonder how a society that has real trouble resolving issues like euthanasia, is going to feel when kids as young as 15 will have no prospect of employment. What will be the stimulus provided to these people to make their life meaningful? Or are they simply being written off, without care for the consequence? Can you imagine the problems this will cause society? Does society still exist?
I'd say no while we still can. The massive division in rich & poor is widening. The people have the power to change this. They must fight for a future if they want to have one for future generations. Embracing progress assuming its motives are good is no longer prudent. If our governments & politicians refuse to listen they must be removed.
Progress is only progressing if it is inclusive & adds value to the quality of life of people and is respectful of the planet with its finite resources.

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