Tuesday, 21 March 2017

We must close the gap.

Politics today seems to be only catering to the corporations, irrespective of who's in government. Whilst they rely on your vote to get elected they rely more on corporations for funding. The other thing that appears to be happening while unmonitored is jobs post politics. Recently we have seen many politicians resign & move into areas they have been involved with while in politics. Corruption is difficult to prove when deals are done secretly and no money changes hands immediately.

How can a government with high unemployment & many people underemployed be targeting welfare for cuts to social security & many of the services that feed this sector of society? In the same breath contemplating giving tax breaks to corporations that already do everything within their power to avoid paying taxes now.


I recently saw a video of Noam Chomsky talking about the division of wealth in the USA. The link above isn't the link I watched but it is the same topic & runs longer so I imagine it is more comprehensive. It is indisputable that our politician's relationship with the corporate sector is driving this agenda. The focus on growth & profit for corporations to appease shareholders comes at enormous cost to society. Globalisation is designed to destroy the local industrial relations, within nations. To drive the wages of people who do have employment down again, another way of increasing profits. This, of course, is short term gain. The wages of workers are generally what stimulates markets. Putting all the money in the hands of a few is always going to end badly.
We need to find a party in Australia that is prepared to govern solely with the interests of the people. While we blindly follow the status quo the gap in society will continue to grow. Chomsky was talking about this in 1994 at MIT & it is still happening today. People are very slow to react.

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