Monday, 10 April 2017

Complaint to ABC 20/2/2017 no response.

Posted on the 20th February 2017 via their email service. No reply within the 30-day deadline they offer up. Here is a copy of my complaint.

Program: ABC 730 
Program Date: 
ABC Service\Network: ABC Television 
ABC Recipient: 
Subject: Social media censorship & programming diversity. 
Your Comments: Last year I was a federal Senate candidate in Victoria. I have been quite vocal on social media about the appointment of Ms Guthrie and the subsequent glut of IPA members appearing on ABC programs. I have actively highlighted the lack of compliance to the ABC charter. During the final week of the federal election, we were contacted by a producer of the drum to appear on the program as a panellist, in response to a press release from my media manager. This offer was never followed up by the producer. I also some months later discovered I had been blocked on twitter by @abc730 I can only speculate as to the reasoning behind this. It does seem that my twitter account may have been vetted. @bugwannostra is my handle. I make no apologies for the position I have regarding diversity & compliance with the charter. I also think the Guthrie appointment is a deliberate attempt to give the Murdoch empire more control of content. How many of the 1,600 plus candidates did the ABC introduce to the Australian public in the lead-up to the federal election in 2016? None. They had incumbents and people that already were known to Australia via their media profiles. Surely this alone shows how far the ABC is from compliance to the charter? These issues have received a lot of attention on social media in the past 8 months.
Blocking people for being offensive is probably OK. Blocking them because they have an alternative view on one or several issues is not. Messing with somebodies election campaign & trying to quell their following by denying access to social media is just wrong.