Monday, 15 May 2017

Testing the waters the grossest invasion of privacy yet.

 I was only slightly shocked when told this government was going to test the sewers around Australia. All this to work out where they should drug test people on social security they refer to as 'dole bludgers'. I knew something nasty was coming for these people as the propaganda leading up to the budget mentioned this minority at every opportunity. I think the sewer testing is just about the silliest thing this government has suggested, after the knighthood of Prince Phillip. Are the government suggesting that drug addiction is solely the domain of our unemployed? Or are they suggesting unemployed people have access to exclusive sewers? This aside it troubles me that people who are already struggling, are being targeted as a sport. This policy is blatant discrimination based on irrational generalisations. All this on top of the not my debt fiasco in the lead up to Christmas 2016. When welfare recipients were issued with debts from years back, with dodgy data matching & bullied by third party debt collectors. While Centrelink phones were unresponsive & the Ministers responsible were just pig ignorant.
I have no doubt there are people with drug addictions on welfare but they are also in banking, politics and in sports. Why do we feel the need to target people that are generally less fortunate? The government is ambiguous. It complains about the cost of welfare, then adds another layer to it. They have promised Australia jobs at two elections and are clearly failing to deliver. I think this is why the 'dole bludger' scenarios are being pushed. It distracts us from the government failure.