Monday, 7 August 2017

Delaying marriage equality keeps it on the agenda.

I'm sure the LNP government is uncomfortable with marriage equality they have done everything possible to foil it since 2004. The plebiscite was a way of not dealing with the issue for Tony Abbott in 2014. It is religious grounds that are the basis for opposition although they won't openly admit it. By not dealing with it, they keep it on the agenda. It can be used to distract us from other significant issues as required.

Things like water theft in NSW. Homelessness across the nation. The failing NBN. The s44(i-v) scandal. The Parkinson report into the Sussan Ley scandal and the failure to deal with the asylum seeker detention issue.

Marriage equality is a significant issue to many people but it isn't the life or death issue that it often runs cover for. I hope the public is aware they have been with this issue. Even some of the media are finally rolling their eyes at the way this issue is being played out.

In 2004 John Howard altered the marriage act to the detriment of #SSM. It was a deliberate move in parliament to stop marriage equality. As is the talk of a plebiscite today.