Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Exploitation of education is reaching epedemic levels.

Being that I ran for the Senate in Victoria many of the kids that are being exploited around Australia are not really in my jurisdiction. Unfortunately, the people whose jurisdiction they are in don't seem to give a shit. I've seen correspondence from students to both the Minister Simon Birmingham & the Shadow Minister Tanya Plibersek both have generally fobbed students off with generic responses.

Universities around Australia have been turned from service providers into commercial ventures. These universities are setting up students to fail using an unscrupulous system. Students are left with a giant HECs debt & no qualification through no fault of their own. Some students who have practical experience are forced to quit jobs to do placements which are unpaid & involve the same work. I would name the university if it was one or two but I've seen evidence of these practices at several. They are also vexatious litigators. They threaten students & anyone else who gets in their path. If I was a Senator I'd invite these students into parliament to speak with impunity.

The pattern is this. Student starts the course. Student nears completion. The student has to do practical training known to them as a placement. Students are offered placements they cannot do or none at all. The student is failed if it doesn't do the placement. The student complains they are threatened. The Universities know this is an issue yet continue to start students on courses they will never complete.

The Minister & his Shadow are just watching this with their hands in their pockets. Students are being betrayed with an intent on a production line. Imagine the damage this does to a person at such a young age. It's proof to me that education should be a birthright,
not a privatised luxury.