Monday, 20 November 2017

The Liberals are about to implode.

There have always been ideological differences within the Liberal party. In days gone by, they have always been held at bay by the greater lust for power. In recent times that balance has been precarious. Early on the exodus of Bernadi suggested all was not well. The issue of marriage equality has been a catalyst for great angst for the Liberal party going all the way back to 2004. When Howard altered the marriage act to stymie same-sex marriage.

We all know that some people within this government have strong religious beliefs that conflict with marriage equality. Religion & politics can coexist but they should be kept separate. This is great in theory but doesn't work in practice in my opinion. Being raised a Catholic until 18 when I walked away I can see how difficult it would be for somebody committed to their religion to be objective on issues that conflict.
Andrew Bolt who I have no time for has broken a story that a Liberal MP has threatened to quit in one month if Malcolm Turnbull remains Prime Minister. The by-elections are already threatening to end the tenuous hold the government has on power. Particularly in Bennelong where incumbent John Alexander has his work cut out for him with Kristina Keneally. Bolt will not name the MP but you can bet it is either Abbott, Andrews or somebody with leadership ambitions.
The extreme right of the party wants religious protections attached to the marriage equality bill.  Depending on who is delivering them they range from bigoted to just plain offensive to most people. They would also probably conflict with the Australian constitution s116.
Yesterday parliament sitting was moved back one week. In my opinion, it has everything to do with the same-sex marriage bill & the inability of the factions to find balance. I have little doubt that they are considering a coup of some type. In the history of the last 4 years, Abbott & Turnbull and all the failed Ministers attached with both leaders, I have difficulty seeing anyone with a brand that is worthy of the leadership. Mainstream media has thrown up Dutton, Morrison & Bishop & various times over the last few month but none are popular and all have various baggage before they begin.

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