Monday, 20 November 2017

We don't need another Labor govt. We need new ideas.

I've been watching our political system reward mediocrity for so long. I'm sick to death of the same political parties with similar faces regurgitating the same ideas that have failed over & over. This LNP government is a classic example of that. Trickle down economics for fuck sake. It was debunked as an economic theory while Ronald Reagan was President. Yet our govt uses it to fill the pockets of its political donors with no care for the impact on society.
Both government alternatives have no care for the refugees they have banished to islands out of sight & out of mind. Both gleefully whack their opponents from the opposition benches yet really they both have blood-soaked hands.
Then we have people on social security. Forever the whipping boys & girls of governments of both persuasions. The #notmydebt fiasco last Xmas where the government issued vulnerable people with debts, many that have been discredited over time as bogus, with no care for the impact at all. The silence from the opposition when that story broke was fascinating. They were sluggish at best.

Both our major parties rely on distractions. If they need to throw a few welfare recipients under the bus to get their heads out of the news they are fair game.
It just isn't good enough. Our combined governments are $600,000,000,000 in debt or thereabouts. It isn't Labor's fault as this govt says, nor is it the fault of the LNP. They both own it. They are both woeful economic managers. I would rate the Labor misfits slightly ahead of the LNP clowns. Why are they rated so poorly by me? Apart from the huge, debt they have done very little to address massive issues. Tax integrity, for example, both parties have for decades ignored diminishing corporate tax revenue. 679 of Australias top 1500 corporations paid no tax 2014/15 the remainder paid less than 5%. The advertised rate was 30%. It has taken decades for the fancy accounting firms to master this but they have. Governments have just watched. Personal taxation has also taken a whack. Negative gearing has taken off like a freight train to a point where millionaires are paying less tax than low & middle-income workers. As a direct result society suffers. Funding too services are cut. Governments rob Peter to pay Paul, and Paul is generally getting less anyway.

Governments job is simply to maintain the integrity of tax and to provide services for society. If they don't want to go back to the tried and true method there are other options. I found one that would generate over $300,000,000,000 every year without fail. If I can do it why can't parties with access to the best economists on speed dial? If we do have to have another Labor govt can we have one willing to do the hard things? Can we start getting the Aussies that aren't doing well off the canvas instead of ignoring their plight?

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