Friday, 29 December 2017

Letter to Senator Penny Wong regarding s44 compliance.

                                                                                                                                   Sent 30/12/2017

Dear Senator Wong,

 I am writing to you to raise an issue I believe has been overlooked either deliberately or inadvertently by many politicians past and present. It regards s44 iv-v & eligibility to be an MP or Senator.

What constitutes an office of profit under the crown? It has already been established that it includes jobs in the public service & probably would extend to anyone paid by the government.

My question is does it extend to politicians using Commonwealth revenue to generate profits? Do MPs & Senators use LAFHA to negatively gear Canberra properties breach s44 iv? They profit via increased equity reduced personal taxation & often via a capital gain. Over 50 current federal politicians use their allowance this way. It is important to note that when LAFHA was introduced it passed both houses. There was no referendum. It was never intended to be a source of profit for politicians.
It has been written about extensively that MPs & Senators use family trusts to hide their investments the Prime Minister hides his in the Cayman Islands. What if these investments were to be awarded Commonwealth grants contracts or subsidies? How would we know if the 70 plus MPs & Senators using these methods are not awarding themselves secretly?

There are also questions over the eligibility of Dutton, O'Sullivan & Robert with investments receiving, contracts, grants or subsidies from the Commonwealth.

The parliament's handling of s44(i-v) compliance has been the worst governance of an issue I have ever seen by a government anywhere in the world. How an honesty audit of 20% of the law meets any standards escapes me. Particularly when the s44 issue began with Senators Day(v) & Culleton s44(ii-iii). It seems our laws are being selectively applied at best.

                                                                                       regards Mark Dickenson