Tuesday, 9 January 2018

A government without a vision leads you nowhere.

Since September 2013 the nation has had two Prime Ministers and many cabinet reshuffles. Observing these events in real time has been painful for me. The reason I find it so arduous to watch is I have ideas that I know would have had better outcomes for so many people who are suffering as a direct result of the current regime. How does a political party after years of opposition win government & have no vision for the future?

 They won government with a Jobs & Growth slogan & a claim they were, star economic managers. 52 Months in they have failed dismally in both. There are 15,300 more people unemployed than in September 2013. There are 151,000 more people underemployed. When they took office government debt was  $226 billion as it stands now it is just over $604 billion.

What do we actually have to show for this huge rise in debt? A third world NBN? An enormous offshore detention problem that seems to have no solution. A shortfall in power supply. High-cost gas that is this nation's resource. A long list of corporations using the nation's resources & paying no taxes. In 2013 there were 579  now there are 732 paying no tax. 
Ordinary working people are generally paying the advertised tax rates same to small businesses while millionaires & big corporations get a free pass using various advantages wealthy people have. The government's turning a blind eye to the problem as they cop political donations & various other gifts when required. The working people struggle to meet the rising cost of living a poor government provides. They are treading water at best, many are going backwards as wage growth is at a 30 year low.
The government's solution is a failed economic policy called trickledown economics or Reaganomics. Giving a $65 billion tax break to corporations who contribute nothing to society in the hope that some of the profits will spill out of their pockets. A hope that would be completely out of character for any corporation I have seen.
We are just losing position on the rest of the world. We seem destined to be in huge government debt with an alternative government waiting in the wings with a line up that has some talent but a poor record in government. I fear for Australia we are well on the way to being tenants in our own land. Nobody offers any hope of servicing the government debt in the short term & none have the courage to govern for the long term.