Saturday, 17 February 2018

Report a crime AFP Barnaby job scandal. AFP response included.

I find it bemusing that this isn't already being investigated. Defrauding the Commonwealth is a serious offence. It has become blatantly apparent over recent Months that Barnaby Joyce has been involved with a woman in his office. Evidence suggests that after intervention from the Prime Ministers Office a job was created in an endeavour to hide the relationship. The job involved a promotion of approx $110,000. The fact that the PMO was involved suggests the PM knew of the relationship. Even if he wasn't aware Barnaby most certainly was. This job was in Canavan's office. When Canavan stood down there was another job created in the office of the whip Damian Drum. Again Ms Campion was employed as a media advisor. This time the office already had a media advisor. The media advisor already employed had very little to do. The office did no television or radio interviews and did 3 Tweets in December 2017 & 3 again in January 2018. The Prime Minister signed off at least on the Drum role if not both positions. If the Drum role was a genuine role and not blatant nepotism I question why was Ms Campion not replaced when she went on stress leave. She remains on stress leave still today if media reports are in fact accurate. I think the funds used for the roles of Canavan's office & Drums office warrant investigation as many believe it constitutes defrauding the Commonwealth. Barnaby cannot deny knowledge of a relationship he was in therefore any jobs created for the woman break the law. There was a high-level meeting between the Joyce office & Turnbull office that resulted in the creation of a role with no advertising no interview and only one candidate. the same appears to be the case in the role of Drum's office. Politicians have no right to wantonly waste money on bogus roles in an endeavour to cover up their sexual relationships nor should they be able to conspire to do so.

Good morning Mr Dickenson,

Reference is made to your email to the Australian Federal Police (AFP), dated 18 February 2018. I have again attached a copy of your correspondence below for ease of reference.

The issues you have raised in your correspondence have been recorded by the Australian Federal Police (AFP).  In line with our previous notification to you in December 2017, I can again advise that the Department of Finance, the Independent Parliamentary Expenses Authority and the Department of the House of Representatives will examine the propriety of actions concerning Mr Joyce, and the employment of Ms Champion, and determine the appropriate action regarding these matters - pursuant to requirements in the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013. 

Should the relevant Commonwealth Department or Agency identify that a criminal offence has been committed they may refer the matter to the AFP for further investigation if required.

Client Liaison Team