Saturday, 3 March 2018

Media, politics & social media.

On insiders, this morning, Ed Husic and Barrie Cassidy questioned the value of social media. Social media actually broke the Barnaby Joyce scandal. Social media was all over it before the By-election in New England. The media knew of the relationship but covered it up. How do we know this? We know because they had photo's and have made admissions like Phil Coorey did this morning. The media have made this about the relationship. Social media wants the crime dealt with.
If Twitter & Facebook weren't dangerous forums for politicians and mainstream media owners the NBN would never have been sabotaged. If you think that a high-speed internet service isn't going to change the media delivery around the world you simply aren't watching.

The political class are rightfully scared of the power & speed social media has. Take my own stats as an example. The reach of my Tweets over the last 28 days was 2.4 million. Of those 6,000 checked my profile. Of those 160 followed. People on social media socialise. They have friends they talk with, they discuss issues that interest them. All of a sudden the mainstream media have lost control of the conversation. It is the loss of control that scares our politicians and the owners of our media.

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