Tuesday, 15 May 2018

My motive for running.

I'm running to give minorities like the cystic fibrosis community, a voice in parliament. The elderly, disabled, sick, the unemployed and anyone else who is being fobbed off by the mainstream. What difference can one person make? I think we can do a lot if we have representation inside our parliament.

I don't think ill Australians should have to line up in an orderly fashion to receive best practice medicines. I don't think, waiting for PBAC & pharmaceutical companies to have the same arguments over every new medication is acceptable. What is the alternative? I think we find ways to fund what society needs as a government. Look for new revenue ideas that take the stress out of funding. It can be done. I have an idea that would generate $330 billion a year and it wouldn't hurt any Australian taxpayers. That would enable us to fund plenty of things society really needs & service the huge govt debt the nation has accrued over the last decade. I haven't gone public with my idea as I worry what a conservative government would use the money for.

I want people to be able to approach me with their concerns and to try and find practical solutions to problems. If people in the community are being unfairly treated I want to give them a voice. I am not running for parliament to make friends or waste time. I want to make a positive impact on the standard of debate.

If we get one good candidate in parliament & they do a good job it could grow as a result. Perhaps we could shake up the major parties who keep serving up the same candidates year after year? There is only one way to find out.

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