Sunday, 26 May 2019

The future isn't written in stone

If I thought it was inevitable or futile resisting the impending future for Australia I wouldn't be thinking of ways I can best make a difference. The 2019 federal election was a real kick in the butt for people who believed that good would prevail but it isn't the end of the world.

     The choice between the status quo and reform for the first time in decades provided hope of real change. The coalition had for six years, run the nation with two policies. Trickle down economics which most pundits acknowledge has been debunked where ever it has been used and austerity measures that lead to the moral decay of society.

 Hard to imagine why anybody with care for others would choose the above over any other reality but enough did to make it happen. These people inadvertently have sentenced people other than themselves in hardship to more of the same.

I've been thinking about what the next 3 years look like for my family and me. I've been recovering from a hit and run motor vehicle accident and I am fast approaching a time when I have to get on with what is left and make the most of whatever that is.

I see two alternate roads I could choose. The first I could join the Labor party. Try to get preselected. Try to convince the people at the party grassroots level that for the party to prosper they need to change the way they tackle elections when in opposition. Ask them to think about the path they have been taking in recent decades? Is it right for me to try and change the direction of a party I have only recently joined? Is it possible to convince people who probably believe they are smarter or more experienced that the path they have chosen is wrong? Would I listen if the roles were reversed?
I would like to think so.

The main problem I see with Labor policy is they have embraced corporate globalisation as if it will be in the interest of society. I think this is the wrong road for us as a nation. We are a small market in the global sense, yet both our major parties are hellbent on entering the giant Monopoly-like game with the big nations. Any of us who have played the board game knows how it generally ends. One winner the rest in tears. Now imagine if you played with handicaps because as we know the world isn't equal. How does a small nation fair in this global board game? It can only end one way. We lose and we owe the rent seekers who prevailed.

The alternative is to start something new and build it into a political party. This is tough because of the system we have. It has become so heavily reliant on funding to play the game. The rules are all heavily stacked to favour the incumbents. The majority of Aussies still aren't politically engaged all year round. While the major parties are slowly losing their market share the system lends itself to having only two players. Attracting funding to a cause when so many are doing it tough seems selfish. The motivation of improving their plight must be a driving force behind any venture in this space.                                                         

As you can probably tell I haven't decided what I might do. There is also a third alternative which involves doing something else and leaving this problem for others to deal with. A choice that doesn't sit well with me with so much at stake.