Friday, 29 August 2014

The coalition government and it's ministry of shame are trying to introduce a $7 levy on doctors visits. Make no mistake this is a new tax. It's a tax that will affect all but it will affect certain people more than others. It will affect the poor the sick and the elderly far more than anyone else.

My father resides in a nursing home. His health is an ongoing concern. In the 12 months past he has seen 89 doctors. The coalition would have seen him pay an additional $623.00 for the financial year.This for a man who paid taxes all his life. Who worked hard until he was struck down with illness. A man who like all pensioners has a very small disposable income.  

My father is just one example of the inequity of this proposed levy. All minorities the disabled the Aborigines the elderly the homeless are going to be disadvantaged by this new tax. Australian taxpayers do not want this. The coalition government doesn't care they are pushing to introduce it in spite of public opinion. They are out of touch with voters .They are failing in most areas of government.
We cannot allow these people to target minorities the way they have been with their shameful policies .They must be banished at the next federal election. They have failed so many,Cystic fibrosis ,students, parraroos, carers the disabled pensioners, the sick, asylum seekers, dementia patients ,the poor,small business,employment and themselves.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

That extra yard!

I went to a local football game a few weeks back.My local side was close to making the final 8 the other side was on top of the ladder undefeated.Undefeated in 16 games.I decided to take a closer look to try and understand why this team was more successful than its competitors.

I assumed I would find a more skilled more professional group.I went and watched them train.I went back to the club and watched them socialize sneaking a few beers when opportunity presented. My research gave me more questions than answers.There didn't appear to be a better training regime.There was no more or different banter in the club rooms. The guys all seemed pretty close but nothing different to what I'd witnessed previously at my own club.

My phone went off one of the players sisters had been in an accident, she had been badly knocked about and was in intensive care. She has made a full recovery. It was this experienced that showed me the difference. Every player the coaches the trainers all visited with this young girl. As a group this team was fully invested in each other. If 1 was in trouble all were there to pick up the slack to help if they could.

This investment was what provided that extra 5% that took a good side and made it great.They together would go that extra yard to tackle,or to get to a contest. It wasn't staged or choreographed it was ingrained. All teams invest in the team ethos. How much they invest is variable. I have no doubt in this case that the personal investment of this group in each other was the difference between mediocrity and excellence.

Monday, 25 August 2014

What is motivation? Where does it come from? Why can't I buy it? I think the answer to these questions and others vary from one person to the next. Why are some able to respond to a war cry while others cannot?
I spent much time trying to understand this when I became a professional golfer at a young age. I don't think I ever attained the answers back then but they seem a lot closer now.
As a golfer I was able to produce my best when I wasn't in the heat of battle. People I played with knew I could play yet in a tournament most would have confidence they had my measure. Golf is a particularly tough game mentally it is because of the 3-4.5 hours a round takes only 2% of this time is focused on stroke play.

In retrospect I now know that the time I dedicated to finding answers to this were a waste of time. I should have been embracing the experience. We do learn from defeat if we are paying attention. Rather than beat yourself up for failing analyse why you failed. What went wrong? How did I stuff up? What triggered the mistakes?
For me the trigger was distraction.Losing focus momentarily during my golf round. Either through fatigue or a lack of attention on the now.
Once you identify what the root causes are to any problem you are well on the way to fixing them.
My football team Richmond has just strung 8 winning games.They have been starved of success for nearly 35 years not this particular group of players. It has weighed heavily on previous groups. This side seems to have learnt evolved from its negative experience and come out the other side hungry for success. Motivation is what drives success. Its a hunger that's been harnessed. I believe Richmond will beat Sydney this week because they hate losing.If they bond and fight harder than there opponents they will prevail. If they doubt or second guess their ability they may fail. I believe they belong.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Boycott Kyle Sandilands

A young talented sports tv presenter has been chastised and forced to the point of resignation by Kyle Sandilands and his cohorts. Sandilands has a history of bullying people on air and off.It's got me buggered why his employer thinks that his behavior is OK . As a society we must draw a line in the sand and put a stop to this type of bullying .I am sure that the young people that Sandilands and Jacki O appeal too see this behavior as ratification for bullying. I call on the companies that advertise and support Sandilands to withdraw their advertising. Go to another station that doesn't promote bullying.
If someone is advertising on his program these advertisers should be highlighted so we can avoid their products as a protest not just for Erin Molan but for all people that are or have been victims of Kyle Sandilands. We must stop the money that gives this guy the forum to bully. He obviously hasn't learnt from his previous transgressions.
Erin Molan is a talented sports and television presenter. She has behaved with dignity and walked away from her role on Kyle Sandilands program. Kudos to her for taking the position she has.
Please support by lobbying with me to get the advertisers to withdraw their support of Sandilands and his program. This is similar to what Charlotte Dawson went through, and why Charlottes law was made. It is part of the reason we need organisations like Beyond Blue.
Boycott Kyle Sandilands!

Monday, 18 August 2014

Pull Your head in Jeff

I usually have a bit of time for Jeff Kennett . Post politics he has done a lot for people with depression in Beyond Blue. He has had a crack at racing and Damien Oliver. I don't know Damien.and I cannot say what affect Jeffs' comments would or would not have on Damien. Damien as has been well publicized made a pretty serious error in judgement. He placed a bet on a race. Subsequently he was charged and served an eight month suspension which he has now completed.

Jeff is entitled to his opinion he believe Damien should have been dealt with more severely by the relevant authorities. Where was Jeff when this happened ? Why comment now? What purpose does it serve other than to grab a headline in the Age. By all means speak to the relevant authorities and lobby to have laws and powers increased to deal with transgressions.

It is not fair to target a person because they weren't punished to your satisfaction.Damien did the crime and he did his time. A person who spends so much time spruiking for Beyond Blue should be aware that targeting a person in such a public way can lead to problems relating to this field. Pull your head in Jeff.

If  Dejan Lovrens' debut for Liverpool FC is any indication of the season to come. It may just be a break out season for both player and club. Playing against his former club Southampton,Croation centre back Lovren made a sensational debut for Liverpool. He made 11 clearances 8 with his head. Often turning defense into attack. Wearing no 6 Lovren played a pivotal role in his teams 2-1 victory. It could be the start of something big.Lets hope so for fans of Liverpool  and Lovren.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

RORTING is OK is it?

Apparently its ok to use our taxes to pay for accommodation. $270 a night and you don't even need to stay there. Just ask Joe Hockey. While you are asking apparently this is common place. I think Canberra is due for a clean out. Our politicians don't do anything constructive with our taxes. I thought beating up on minorities was as low as the Government could go. From cystic fibrosis to parraroos the aged with dementia and of course the illegal immigrants. Perhaps they can turn the mirror on themselves and stop mis-using our taxes on this rort.

Friday, 15 August 2014

JOE HOCKEY When you're wrong you're wrong.

So with in the space of 24 hours Our treasurer has first alienated the underclass by saying that poor people don't drive and if they do they don't drive far. An irrational observation, yes. Unfairly tarring people with a brush for any reason isn't a great idea.
When presented with the opportunity to retract his blatantly wrong observation he stood his ground. Claimed he was right that poor people didn't drive.
24 hours later after his party was distancing itself from his comments .He gets on 2gb and does an about face. What was the motivation .He is selling the idea that he had an epiphany. This is not the case. He realized he was on the nose he saw his colleagues shy away from his comments.
Why is this bad? It's bad because he has now lied to smooth it over. He still believes what he originally said he just wants to save his career.
The liberal party is  falling apart in front of our eyes. The minster for health & sport is worse than Joe Hockey. The PM is parading around the world trying to appear relevant. Mean while Australia is slowly unraveling through poor decision making.

Monday, 11 August 2014

Carpe diem

I have personal experience with depression my father was diagnosed in 1983 with bipolar. The tragic loss  of Robin Williams today is another glowing example that nobody is immune from the highs and lows that this debilitating depression . To those who marveled at the talent of Robin both on the big screen and on stage this battle may surprise. He seemed so indestructible on screen. He bounced off those around him and drew laughter out of any situation. How can some one so happy be so sad.? How can some one so loved feel so alone? How can any situation seem so forlorn that death can seem the only choice? For most the reality is we just don't get it. We cannot fathom what it is like to be this high. Nor can we imagine what it is like to be so alone.

Robin Williams irrespective of how he has left  should be remembered as a prodigious talent. A man who suffered and struggled with demons yet still managed to "seize the day" squeezing all the comedic juice from almost all situations he confronted. He was a wonderful actor from a teacher to a serial killer any character he played was credible. He brought joy to many of us with his humor . Many comedians I am sure will say in the coming days that this man was the reason they chose the comedic career path.

The world should mourn the loss of a comedic genius. Robin should be remembered not for his flaws but for his gifts. Today sadly the world is a little less appealing than it was last night. It is horrible to think that some one who had so much to offer the world can be lost to it so easily. 

No matter how low you get you should always know that there are people around you that care.That what feels broken, irreparable can be restored. This doesn't only apply to possessions it applies to us. Fair well Robin you made me laugh you made me cry I will remember you fondly til the day I die.

No substance a lot of fluff.

Our Prime minister has been strutting around like an emu since being elected. His ministers are not doing their jobs,he is not doing his. While the Prime ministers focus has been on the MH 17 disaster . A number of issues remain in limbo at home. Lives are at stake.

The MH 17 disaster is a senseless waste of human life. Many people have been pontificating the leader ship Tony Abbott has shown during this disastrous event.  I have not been impressed. He waited almost a fortnight before deploying federal police to secure a sight that had been looted. He then almost deployed the Armed forces to secure the safety of the federal police. I concede the repatriation of the victims bodies was and is of great importance.  I believe that this process had taken place prior to the deployment of our federal police. So was this deployment necessary or was it political grandstanding. I believe that the relevant experts have been sent to  perform the identification process there is no doubt about the circumstances of this plane crash. There is nothing to be gained by investigating ,in what is clearly a hostile  environment, putting  further lives at risk.

While Tony Abbotts' focus is away from domestic affairs, issues burn on. Kalydeco has been made available to people in 17 countries yet Australia lags behind. This delay is costing lives. It is angering a community that already has a huge anchor around its waste. The Minister concerned has inflamed this by delaying a decision and  blocking concerned families and friends from lobbying on his facebook wall. To many excuses not enough action. Then there is dementia another arena that the health minister is dropping the ball. Delaying funding decisions of medications we are failing the people that have provided the taxes over the past 50 years. Then we have the Parraroos who have had their Olympic dream torn away. While Peter Dutton reduced their funding he increased the funding to our able bodied Soccer stars. This is not what the Australian tax payer wants or expects from its leaders. The parraroos should be encouraged to pursue their dreams. We do not beat up on minorities in Australia we encourage them. 

I want Tony Abbott to get back here and start fixing some of these problems. Start fixing some of these issues at home. More substance less rhetoric. Fix the Kalydeco debacle. Look after dementia and the carers. Give the parraroos back their dream of representing this great country. There are other issues as well . Immigration has issues on a number of fronts 16 year olds' being ripped from their homes and taken and detained in Darwin. Start fixing these issues no more photo ops knuckle down and do some work. Wake up Mr Abbott. Lives can be saved by action. Australian lives depend on you and your ministers.

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Government should Intervene.

Irrespective of the adoption laws outside of Australia. I believe there is sufficient evidence to suggest the recent surrogacy saga is a shambolic situation. The Australian Government should intervene. Does a convicted sex offender have parental rights? What is the likely hood this man is still a risk to children? How can people go outside of the country to circumvent our laws? Once somebody has served their sentence what right do any of us  have to judge what is ok and what isn't?

Personally I think a person who commits any sexual offence against another person particularly a child should forfeit any right to paternity.I believe my feelings would be widely supported in the community. This in one respect doesn't sit comfortably with me. It is in conflict with our system. Perhaps a system that expects people to reform is the problem. People can be forgiven some things. There are some lines that once crossed are forever blurred. Statistically I don't know what the chances are of an offender of this type of crime being truly reformed. To be quite frank I wouldn't be willing to risk putting my faith in something like that.

I worry about our laws allowing people to travel overseas to circumvent existing laws. Surrogacy is from what I know a complicated process with a gamut of emotional issues that need to be addressed for the process to work. I am sure that this is the reason our laws have not properly addressed surrogacy in Australia. This situation shows just how wrong this process can go. It should probably be used as a template for what not to do.

I hope our Government exercises the right to intervene in this case. The safety of both these children should be the primary focus. I am sure there are plenty of suitable candidates available to adopt one or both of these children. To give them both every chance of a positive and fruitful life.

ASADA scandal!

Storm in a tea cup!

I've been watching it all unfold like the soap opera it has become. Essendon footy club decided to run a cutting edge supplement program. No big deal . Everything is above board. All the clubs are trying to find that edge.That 1 thing to make the difference. Everyone does the altitude training now. Everyone is across the talent pool in the draft. How can we find the winning edge?
So the club sourced the people it thought would do the trick. Stephen Dank was the alleged guru of supplements the club put their faith in. He was to ensure that the supplements were fully compliant with the governing body. Dank has maintained the supplements were compliant in every door stop interview he has given. He also says that records were kept.
The Australian Crime Commission has a big press conference in February 2013. The darkest day in Australian sporting history reporting organised crime & drugs in sport. Between February and August the issue has several lulls and flare ups .The issue appears from the outside to have become a political football. With plots and sub plots.
Essendon Football Club have not been found guilty of anything,accept poor governance. The fallout for the club was huge. Gone chairman David Evans CEO Ian Robson ,Danny Corcoran head of football, Dean Robson head of high performance and Stephen Dank biochemist and sport scientist. Coach James Hird suspended for 12 months with pay much to the annoyance of Andrew Dimetriou. Club doctor Bruce Reid had charges withdrawn. Essendon F C was fined$2,000,000.

ASADA is investigating as to is the Victorian Workcover Authority though I have heard no mention of VWA since. ASADA is a independent governing body yet it seems to be working with the AFL against Essendon. Information seem to be being leaked from both camps trying to gain leverage. I do not agree with the conduct of ASADA. They are meant to be the independant . After a lengthy investigation they issue show cause notices. So they are asking players that have already been interviewed to incriminate themselves. The incredible thing about the investigation is the key figure Stephen Dank I believe has never been interviewed by ASADA.
To me looking from the outside it appears there is no evidence the players were given anything outside of the rules. There is a lot of rumor and innuendo but nothing factual. If there was then the players would have been charged already.
No doubt there will be more to this soap opera before it ends. The players don't have to answer the show cause notices pending the outcome of proceedings regarding the legality of the joint Investigation between ASADA &AFL into the supplements given to Essendon players.
This is my take on whats happened so far. I think based on what I've seen that James Hird and the Essendon Footy Club including the people that lost their jobs have got the rough end of the stick.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Ancient civilization

The Sumerians are recognized as the first civilization around 3,500 BC. Sumer was located near the Persian Gulf in the Middle East. Prior to this people were nomadic. They hunted and gathered to survive. They moved as the conditions changed . The Sumerians were a clever people they developed the first writing system and  lunar calender. They also developed the  plow and sail boat. They started growing their own crops through necessity as hunting was not a sustainable way of life on its own.The reign of the Sumerians ended around 2000 BC when the Babylonians overthrew them. The Babylonians kept the cultural gains made by the Sumerians.This was the first city on earth.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Diary for cystic fibrosis

It's another sleepless night, so I thought I'd pop over to the Health Minister's facebook page and continue to ask for action for people with CF to access Kalydeco. I have been blocked from his page for weeks, along with a number of others. All I did was share my story and ask for action. Anyway it appears I can post now as long as I don't mention several key words like Kalydeco.

So here's my post in case it is not considered acceptable and gets deleted from his page. I vow to continue to fight for 200+ Australians who desperately need a lifesaving medication to treat Cystic Fibrosis, despite the fact I am off my feet, completely debilitated by a flare up of this condition myself. I have only been diagnosed for a few years (at the age of 42) and it is inconceivable to me that there are young people out in the community who have had to battle this horrendous condition all their life. It breaks my heart when I think about what they have to go through. To think this horror could be spared by a miracle medication that is the next best thing to a cure. I am unable to work and look after my children. I am trying to avoid yet another hospital admission, because the reality of this condition is every infection is potentially life threatening. Imagine looking into your childrens' eyes and seeing fear... concerned about whether their mother is going to get better and be taken away from them for another 2-3 week hospital admission. While there is not yet evidence to suggest this medication will help the type of CF I have, it gives me so much hope for the future as more clinical trials continue. Knowing that young people with CF in the community could be spared this horror, I urge you to do everything in your power to make this a reality.
Jul. 25, 2014
While I've been lying flat on my back for the past three days dealing with a CF flare up, completely debilitated as I fight one of many resistant bugs that now live in my lungs, I think of the decision makers in this lengthy drawn out process to get Kalydeco listed on the PBS. They have the lives of 200+ people with Cystic Fibrosis in their hands. The truth is if any of their lives were affected by this horrendous disease, then this wouldn't even be an issue. People would have access and lives would be saved. Two years and still no outcome. To think in Scotland, Kalydeco was declined listing and then 3 days later it was approved, makes the situation here in Australia incomprehensible.

Cystic fibrosis & Parraroos find a voice

Over the past three months I have been campaigning to get a #YesToKalydeco & the Parraroos their dream back. In this time I've learnt a lot. Just how worthwhile it is helping get these minorities the voice they deserve.
I've also learnt just how conservative our mainstream media is.They wont commit to a story until they are sure that it will align itself with public opinion.
Finally after two weeks of fighting Federal Health Minister the tide seems to be turning.A lot of people have been campaigning on social media for a long time. Over the past few weeks its been a real focus. So much so that the Mr Peter Dutton has blocked people from posting and posts from his Facebook page. This action has actually blown up in the Ministers' face.It has galvanized the cystic fibrosis community & caused a few of our newspapers to run stories. Mr Dutton has not responded to our concerns that while 17 countries have got Kalydeco already. Australian sufferers that this drug will help have been waiting. Struggling to breathe.There is 200 people that will benefit from Kalydeco if it is put on the PBS.A drug that has been on the market for 2 years.
If they are not given access to this drug their lives wont change. They will not be able to participate in society. They will require a lot of ongoing treatment ,eventually they will end up needing lung transplants & the associated Intensive care that is a huge cost to the tax payer. If given Kalydeco these people will thrive. No longer will they be house bound .No longer will the need welfare .They wont need full time carers. They will be able to go to school ,Tafe &University adding to the economy.
Now for the Parraroos.
These guys are our best wheel chair soccer players. They have recently had their funding taken. This means that their opportunity to represent their Country at their chosen sport is no longer. This is also a result of a decision by Peter Dutton who also has the Sport portfolio. Not only is this not what the Australian taxpayer would expect. It is also discrimination. At the same time the funding was withdrawn the funding for able bodied soccer went up. These guys need to be encouraged to dream. To be able to overcome adversity and thrive in a Nation we can all be proud of.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Liverpool F.C. & 95,000 Australian fans sing "You'll Never Walk Alone" F...: via It doesn't get any better

You don't even need to love soccer to love this. 95,000 people packed into the MCG scarfs and flags fluttering in the breeze. Singing "you'll Never walk alone" prior to the commencement of a friendly between Melbourne Victory and the World famous Liverpool F.C. If your not moved by this you have a heart on stone. It just goes to show how passionate people are about soccer at the highest level all over the world. Fantastic spectacle Liverpool are the bomb when it comes to soccer in Australia.
Probably because I was born in Australia and know no different. I am a little naive when it comes to imagining what it must be like for somebody who is living in fear.So much fear that they feel the only way forward is to escape. I have a mate Nicholai from Romania .His life was so bad that he took his clothes off wrapping them under one arm and swam in freezing waters across the Danube river under machine gun fire from the Communist regime. Nick made it to safety. many of his friends people he grew up with did not.
Now I do not know all the facts in relation to what took place in this instance. On face value here is what I know. Two 16 year old that are asylum seekers were whisked off unceremoniously by immigration officials to a detention center in the Adelaide Hills. Then from there transported to Darwin where They are still being held at a facility in Wickham Point.
16 year old boys. When I think back to when I was 16 ,I didn't know much I certainly wasn't ready to leave the nest. These guys no doubt have never known a life like ours. The behavior of immigration officials caused a panic in the area . 11 other kids with similar backgrounds fled what comfort they had known here. Comfort they were probably experiencing for the first time in their short lives. 
I don't know what the future holds for these boys. I hope as an Australian they are given the chance at a decent life in the community that obviously cares for them. I know this because they are petitioning for the boys return on Change .org.  The Minister for Immigration should look hard at this case. Because its the right thing to do. If he doesn't the World is watching.  Please sign the petition they don't need to many more.
Scott Morrison has a lot of eyes watching not just this case. They are also watching what is happening with the boats but that's a story for another day.

Pentridge Prison housed many of Australia s most infamous prisoners. A lot never saw freedom again. A lot of the prison now is a housing estate .The facade and sections of the prison still remain. Tours are run through the remaining prison area. Its a dark cold creepy place.The cells are extremely small cold inhumane living quarters. A real deterrent for those contemplating breaking the laws of the time.
Several Months ago a group of lawyers were taking the tour. There was a bit of banter.Boys being boys until they went to enter one of the cells.When all of a sudden there was a blood curdling scream. GET OUT! Chilling the entire group they were taken aback .The cell was the former home of one of Australia s notorious prisoners .Mark Chopper Reid.
An underworld figure confirmed "Chop Chop hated lawyers with a passion."  Chopper has not long passed away is it possible he has gone back to his old cell to terrorize the tour groups? That's for others 
to judge.

Bugwan nostra dicko quotes

"Without direction you could wander aimlessly"
"Perfection should not be feared it is eternally elusive"
"release the camels"
"be gone infidels"
"Sieze today withour fear of failure and don't look back"
"Try to walk the tightrope between optimism & pessimism"
"For true sucess focus must divert distraction"
"The most simple things can be extraordinary if your in good company"
"Forget looking for your past its long gone"
"Your destination is not preordained your actions create it" 
 " You must allow yourself to aspire or you may as well retire."
"Own your inspiration, use your motivation to chase your aspiration and block your hesitation."
"its not the end of the world but Armageddon out of here"

"The bugwan is so intelligent even he has no idea what he is talking about"

"ignorance costs more than a good education"

"if you accept defeat before trying you will never be the difference"

"In the grand scheme of things you are not significant ,anarchy is the logical outcome"
" It only takes one snow flake to start an avalanche be that snow flake"
"If you never raise the bar how will you learn how high you can jump"
" Maybe ASADA can investigate the meat content of the pies. I think they have been injecting them with sauce for ages"
"True inspiration comes from perspiration!" 
"Existentialism is pretty good when your in good company the true test is when your home alone in a black out"
"Not bitter I just swallowed a lemon"
"Close your eyes and Imagine"
"Just an observation nothing personal.If you need twitter to verify who you are. You're in real danger of disappearing in your own orifice*
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Golf tips from me to help improve your game.

Golf is a fantastic game for those that enjoy it. Most games you get some great scenery good company and depending on ability a few good shots. You can play alone. Or you can play with up to 3 others. It doesn't matter what ability the group has as handicaps can still add interest or a competitive edge.
How does one go from the centenarian to a low handicapper? It's a road much traveled and their are many ways to arrive at the station. I played a few rounds with an elderly man when i was about 17. The man was just shy of 80. He was a member at Greenacres where I was the assistant professional under Brian Dowell. Any way this chap could hit the ball about 150 meters maximum yet he was so good at the short part of the game including putting that he regularly beat his age sometimes by a lot. He practiced the same way he played 10 wedges  2 bunker shots and 5 minutes on the putting green.
I learnt a lot from watching him play but I learnt more watching him practice. He played every shot like it was his last. He spent the same time over every putt. He played balls out of divots balls out of fluffy lies every practice shot he gave the same care. Before I knew him I had been wasting hours hitting as many balls as I could thinking quantity mattered. It doesn't matter. Quality is what counts. Better to hit 20 balls with great focus than 200 without any.
What is important in golf and what isn't is negotiable.You only have to go to a golf tournament and watch the good players to see. There is more than 1 way to hit a golf ball. In fact there are many. Some classical,some almost robotic some so silky and some rough. Yet all of them can play. All of them can repeat what they do under pressure. The purist golf swing doesn't always prevail. There are intangible things like courage fear nerves will and focus that have an affect on any result.
Lee Trevino looked like he was swinging the golf club in a confined space yet he could hit the ball better than most. He could make a golf ball talk. Seve Ballesteros could hit golf balls with a blindfold I saw this once at Metropolitan Golf Club. He could hit a 3 iron like it was a wedge,an amazing talent. Fred Couple is still one of my favorite players, he is so relaxed when he swings and yet still powerful. All of the great players have there own way so will you.
I always say to some one starting out it's a good idea to start with a few lessons to get the fundamentals right.
Get a good grip good set up get your posture and alignment right and then let nature take its course.
The next thing of great importance to any golfer is your equipment. Make sure you get a golf club you like the feel of. It can be expensive so make it count. Get the clubs fitted and swing weighted. the grips can be altered if you are like me and have big hands. Get grips that you like the feel of I use cord lined grips as they are good in all conditions. Club designs have been revolutionized since I worked in the industry. Many sets have several recovery type fairway woods. They are fairly forgiving to use. Irons with peripheral weighting also have a larger sweet spot than the golf clubs of my time. You should make up your own mind about the gear just don't rush try before you buy. Even the type of balls gloves tees all your gear you should use trial and error until you work out what you like. Good golf shoes are very important. If your not comfortable you aren't going to be your best.
I think if your going to be the best version of yourself out on the golf course.You need to understand your own game. Keep all your cards. Analyse the data .Fairways hit . Greens hit in regulation. The number of putts you have. The number of bunker shots. How many up and downs you've had. How many pars ,birdies eagles bogeys double bogeys  & others. The more yo understand your golf the better placed you are to recognize your deficiencies . This information allows you to focus your practice on improving the areas you aren't so strong in. The worst part of your game offers the greatest scope for improvement so it should be your priority.
Golf Course management. I'm not talking about the running of a Golf Club. I'm referring to the way you play a golf course When you hit a golf ball you should hit it to ensure you leave yourself in a desirable position to play your next shot. This is a discipline that if you master it ,will see dramatic improvement in your game. It's a game plan and more. Thinking while you play is important. If you hit the ball left to right or right to left use the tea box to advantage,by doing this you maximize the fairway you have to play with.
Before you establish your own routine.I suggest you go to a professional event and see how the good players prepare for all shots. You can learn a lot by observation. Another suggestion if you want to model your game on some one on the professional circuit,it is a good idea to choose somebody with similar physical characteristics. It isn't a rule if your 6 ft 9' and you love Gary Player go for it.
Building a routine is an important part of your game. I always found it good to take in whats happening around you on the golf course. I found it to draining to focus on golf for the entire 4 hours. We are all different. Personally I developed my routine as the trigger for focus. My routine includes shot visualization. Relaxation,address and execution. Relaxation for me is triggered by  saying the words let go subconsciously. Through hours of meditation  and consultation with a sports psychologist I have trained myself to be able to release the tension from my body. This places me in the best state to be able to make my best swing.

 This is my routine. Stand behind the ball approx 4 meters . Visualize the shot I am about to play.As I approach the ball to address I use my word to trigger relaxation. I set up over the ball ,grip the club and swing away.
How does the relaxation work? It is pretty simple I find a quiet place and put on some relaxing music. While listening to the music I am lying down. Gradually as I feel calm I tense parts of my body starting with my toes working up my body slowly to my head. When i release the tension I say the words let go. From my toes my legs stomach all the way up I clench then let go .I feel the tension flow from my body. I do this over and over night after night until the words become the trigger. It took me a few months before it was what I consider a useful tool.Now it is something I go to to give me the serenity to make good decisions under pressure. 
Another thing that is very important on the golf course is concentration. Often when we fatigue we make poor choices.In an endeavor to eliminate this it is a good idea to eat and hydrate during the round .I usually have a banana or a chocolate bar and at least 1 bottle of water or energy drink.

Belief is a word that's used a lot in golf. It is something that is not really tangible.Yet it does exist.Where does it come from? I believe the origin of belief is attained through experience. One gains belief through executing under pressure. So you can practice and the more drilled your practice becomes the greater the chance you will be able to execute under the pressure of competition. Rory McIlroy recently led a tournament from start to finish. This takes a  lot of belief. To be able to execute for 72 holes without doubts and fear of failure playing a role is a wonderful achievement. You see a lot of people in majors particularly jumping out to an early lead and falling away. Often this is more related to mental strength rather than a lack of talent. Experience also plays a role .The more often you get to this point the more likely you are to conquer it. 
Putting plays a major role in your success or failure as a golfer.On a golf score card any golf score card par allows for 36 putts.The lower your putting average the better your scores will be.There are several keys to good putting. Ability to read the green both slope and speed.Imagination the ability to see the path the ball will take to get the desired result. Execution the ability to make a putting stroke that sends the ball on its desired line at the desired speed. Good technique is just as important with putting as it is with your golf swing. If you are able to repeat your putting stroke in any conditions under any pressure its a fantastic resource.It eliminates one variable.
I use a technique to aid my putting.Known as plumb bob I hang my putter vertically in front of my face in a direct line to the flag. It shows me the way a putt will borrow in its journey to the hole. The gap between the shaft of my putter and the flag tells me which way the putt will break it is also a guide  as to the amount. With experience should you choose to use this method  you will learn how to read the signs.

"Me I like football but there's a lot of things around.when you line them up together the footy wins hands down" this is a grab from the AFL anthem Up there Cazaly. Unfortunately the reality is not the case. I love watching a good game of football. Yet Australia is turning away from it in droves. Sick of paying exorbitant ticket prices. Huge parking fees. Booking fees. Over the odds for food and beverages.  Or is it because you can pay a fee to watch every game live against the gate on pay TV? Or is it because the talent pool has been spread to thin by the expansion of the league to 18 teams. Crowds this year are down by about 8% it cannot be attributed to one thing it is probably a combination of a number of issues.
Ticket prices and the booking fees see a family going to the football being turned from a weekly adventure to almost an annual event. I understand the rational why go out sometimes in the middle of the night when I can sit in my lounge room with all the comforts not just for 1 game but every game every weekend? Food &drinks are readily available at home ,no service delays and you don't get stung in the process.
If this isn't enough you have to pay for parking or take your life into your hands on public transport.I remember when football was a peoples game. You could buy a membership for the cost of a pie now. That would get you into all the home games your side played. I rarely missed a game.
Now for the standard of the game. Every weekend during the season there is nine games. When I was growing up there was 6 games! 12 teams has become 18 the pool of talent is not a finite resource. Each team now has 22 players back when there was 20. Apart from a couple of notable exceptions the pool these players are drawn from is the same. The late Jim Stynes would be a grand exception. Is it any wonder that the standard of most games has degenerated. I don't think so. The reality is we cannot produce enough good footballers to feed these teams so the standard drops. Also those good footballers that are not super athletes turn away from the game. Guys like diesel Williams Tony Lockett  Gary Ablett Snr Doug Wade would not cop the training of today. What a loss.
We are lucky if there is more than 1 good game on any given weekend and it is little wonder. Our game has been sanitized to the point that it is barely recognisable.
Equalization is a token gesture. The salary cap only seems to reward the mediocrity of players. Take my Club Richmond 35 years of shit & destruction. Yet today our players are payed the same as  Hawthorn Sydney and Geelong give or take a few percent. This doesn't work. The Melbourne St Kilda  Footscray Richmond experience proves this. If these clubs were allowed to pay there player group on performance they would have plenty of cash in reserve to explore free agents.
I hope footy doesn't get overrun by the world game. If I was 14 and a talented athlete I know which way I would go. Good luck Gillon you've inherited a Mess!

Not in Australia.

The Health & Sport Minister  has taken it upon himself to alienate several minorities in Australia.The cystic fibrosis community of which my sister is a part.  The parraroos Australia's disabled wheelchair soccer team. The people with dementia and their carers.
The cystic fibrosis community has been waiting for Australia to catch up with the rest of the world. 17 Countries already have Kalydeco it is saving lives reducing on going medical treatment across the globe. Yet Australia haggles with the manufacturer of this drug for almost 2 years in spite of the fact that Australia has been offered the best price. Peter Dutton the Minister for health has also blocked the cystic fibrosis lobby from posting comments on his facebook wall. To excuse this he tried to infer that their was some type of clandestine relationship between the cystic fibrosis lobby and Vertex the Company that developed Kalydeco. This is fanciful. The truth is that the silent lobby is behind this delay.You only need to look at the political donors to see why the cystic fibrosis community still waits for a drug, they could have accessed were they fortunate enough to be born anywhere but Australia.
The parraroos had a dream to represent their country. This dream has been taken by a funding cut delivered by Peter Dutton. At the same time this was done the funding for able  bodied Socceroos had a budget win fall. I don't begrudge the socceroos they are the elite soccer team in Australia. Even they would cringe if they were aware they received assistance at the expense of their disabled mates. The Minister for Sport has again shown he has no idea what the community expects from its representatives.
Dementia medication not approved. Now I hope I don't get dementia my old man has started the spiral  and its a horrible thing to watch,my dad aside I would hope that the people that have worked hard all there lives paying taxes as they went ,would be entitled to the best available treatment. Not in Australia according to Peter Dutton . I hope this is not a reflection of what the community expects, I hope it is just a demonstration of how out of touch the Minister for Health & Sport is .

Monday, 4 August 2014

I just went through hell. Trying to purchase a domain name for a site I have not opened yet. The purchase of the domain name cost $13 for 2 years. Not bad I thought. Now I can open my website under this name. Wrong! Just because you own something on the World wide web doesn't mean you can use it.Crazy domains crazy by name and by nature it would seem. I bought the domain name then when i realized I couldn't use it I phoned the company to be refunded. I was put through to the Philippines.  My domain name is It is in a vegetative state at crazy domains.  I told the operator that I purchased the name to use not for it to be held on my behalf for future generations to use. It took me almost 45 minutes to establish the name of my website with the operator. Her understanding of the vowels and where they fit in the English language was less than desirable. She was not going to refund me even though I purchased it to be my website and that wasn't happening.
So I have filed it and wont be using Crazy Domains for anything in the foreseeable future. I will be seeking another host when I do decide to take my experience to the world wide web.
Last night I bought a host and a domain from blue host .I was bulk billed with several add on products that I never new existed. Not only was I overcharged apparently, I was locked in to a 3 year deal. When I saw my account I contacted billing immediately and asked for a refund.  I'm sorry sir but it is not possible at the moment you have to contact us at 6.45 mountain time. Actually it was between hours of mountain time but I was lost at mountain so it made no difference. The website of blue host said if I wasn't happy I could get a refund there was no mention of mountains. So eventually after i had some sleep I made contact with blue host when the mountain was in range and started to seek the elusive refund.  On a chat link g'day I'm  Mark I just want to get a refund I've been bulk billed and I'm not happy. You will have to log in and fill in this form. Mate I just want a refund there was no mention of mountains or forms it just said refundable at any time. I try to log in and I'm locked out .I'm just about to snap finally I get to the form. Then the form doesn't work properly so the operator says he can look after it. I didn't say WTF but I was thinking it. Blue Host can kiss my ass,their customer care would make the Dalai Lama aggressive.