Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Education critical not a burden.

Education is probably one of the most significant issues being neglected by our government.Christopher Pyne, the minister and his government have slashed funds and asked that student wears the costs associated with developing themselves.This ethos is flawed.The better educated our population is the more taxes they will provide governments. To inhibit education through HECS debt restricts personal development to those that can afford it. 

I'd like to encourage students to aspire to greatness.They will develop the skills to create new businesses & new revenue streams for employers.Ultimately a return on government investment through tax revenue.

With an aging population, education is critical for those in the workforce.If we fail in this area today we will most certainly pay for it later.Particularly with what is happening with manufacturing in Australia. If we are not going to focus on manufacturing. We need to develop new ways to keep our population productive.This will not just happen by accident. It will require investment in education.

I hope our government wakes up that their policies aren't in the nation's interests.They don't appear to get it at the moment.They appear hell bent on cutting funds to key areas without thought of consequence.

One area where I believe the nation can save an incredible amount of waste is political advertising.Politicians of bygone eras have been able to sell themselves through media appearances and campaigns.Now they rely on marketing and advertising costing 100's of millions of dollars every year.Great for the Owners of media not great for the taxpayer.
 Dear Mr Dreyfus

Evidence that supports Mr Abbott is hiding something. Enabling him to live the lie,at the expense of political probity.Please do something. If you're not part of the solution you're part of the problem. This information will be posted on my blog and attached to Washington Post  and #auspol as it's in the public interest to know what their political representatives think and how they act.
                                                                               regards Mark Dickenson

Monday, 29 September 2014

Email to shadow attorney general Mark Dreyfus re s44 breach

Dear Mr Dreyfus,
I would like to formally request that Tony Abbott be compelled to show he is in compliance with s44 of Australian constitution. Both myself and Tony Magrathea have been blocked from obtaining documents under FOI .We have also both submitted requests for Mr Brandis to investigate that have to date fallen on deaf ears.The behavior of Tony Abbott lends credibility to our belief that Mr Abbott had not renounced his UK citizenship prior to running for office in 1994. This would be easy for him to prove by supplying the documents. I have on more than 1 occasion heard rumor that he was still traveling on a UK passport well after his election to parliament.If Mr Abbott is not in compliance with the constitution he is probably the greatest fraud in global history.

I find it bewildering that this issue has been so difficult to get attention it deserves. Our Constitution is the foundation of our parliament.Mr Brandis has put his friendship ahead of his duty as Federal Attorney General. I wouldn't be surprised if the matter is investigated that Mr Abbott's P/A was involved in interference of the 2 FOI requests.
                                                                                                                                          regards Mark Dickenson

Saturday, 27 September 2014

The illusion of freedom

We take for granted many things in Australia.We are insulated by distance from many of the worlds huge issues. Freedom is something we should both revere and seek.The reality of our lives is that we are born with one chance.Wars have been fought, diggers have bled and many have died fighting for and defending our freedom & the Australian way of life.

The reality of a society based on capitalistic pursuits is driven by the existence of servitude. The haves drive the have nots to produce more to increase their lot.Governments local State and Federal make it difficult to progress by taxing us heavily. Rates,fines for parking,fines for speeding, taxes for driving, fees for driving on roads.Registration fees,tariffs on, fuel fees for education and many many more but I think you get the gist of the mindset. These taxes serve two purposes,one to generate more revenue for governments. The other more sinister is to keep the status quo. They don't want the plebs breaking through to the rarified air enjoyed by the aristocracy.


I often ponder what existence would truly be like without government.What freedom truly looks like.Just removing oneself from the treadmill of life is whilst difficult to sustain holds great appeal.

To me freedom is being able to wake up in the morning and choose your own path,free of servitude and the associated constraints that come with it.


Our government has crossed a line by attacking freedom under the guise of National security.It is not their decision to make decisions about what we can say feel or think. People that died defending our rights have been disrespected by our parliament,as have all of us. The lust to control us.The hunger for power is what drives these draconian laws,not fear of terror. Just another lie served up to erode the  rights of all Australians.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Washington Post regards PM s44 breach

I am a blogger from Australia. Myself and another guy have researched the background and history of the Prime Minister of Australia Tony Abbott.We suspect that Mr Abbott failed to renounce his UK citizenship prior to entering politics in 1994.This is a breach of s44 of the Australian Constitution if true.It is also fraudulent to provide misleading information on an application form. Two separate FOI requests have been met with interference,and have been blocked. Mr Abbott has verbally refuted these allegations but refuses to produce documentation to prove he complied with the law. The Attorney general has been asked in writing to look into this matter,instead he has buried the issue. He has a long friendship with Mr Abbott ,which appears to be influencing his duty to ensure the lawful integrity of our parliament. I have information I can supply to show that the story is genuine.The Australian media is predominantly controlled by a few wealthy people with LNP affiliations. The story has a following in Social media. There is also a campaign for signatures on Change.
regards Mark Dickenson

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Message To Federal Attorney General

Mr Brandis,

I am writing to you to seek answers as to why our PM appears to be above the law? It is my understanding that you have received correspondence from Tony Magrathea that is supported by evidence, in relation to Tony, Abbotts alleged breach of s44 of the Australian Constitution.Two separate FOI requests have been blocked through the interference of third parties.I have seen the documentation and have noted Mr Abbott's reaction to questions regarding his renouncement.As the Attorney General, you have a duty to ensure that our laws are respected and compliance assured.Your obvious friendship with Mr Abbott can have no bearing on this matter.

I give you notice that I am attaching this correspondence to my blog and forwarding it to every major news outlet both in our Nation and abroad.This could and should have been a simple matter.Mr. Abbott's failure to provide documents showing his renunciation prior to 1994. Also, your office's failure to ensure our great nation's Constitution has been complied with has forced us to escalate the issue to the public domain in the public's interest.

I also intend to run for a position as a Senator in the next Federal election.One major reason for this is the lack of probity that is currently on show in politics in Australia. Politicians rorting, misappropriating allowances and doing clandestine deals with donors. I hope that someone in your office would find these things abhorrent. It may be wishful thinking but I would hope that you would be taking steps to stamp these behaviours out.I know it will be a focus of mine if I make it to Canberra.

                         regards Mark Dickenson 

Appraisal 1 Tony Abbott

This should be fun. Tony Abbott was elected Prime Minister just over 12 months ago. In this time he has selected a Ministry that appears to be out of its depth. They are not able to manage their individual portfolios,which ultimately is Tonys responsibility.

Tony has alienated the electorate by cutting funding to almost all areas.By not delivering on election promises.He has also been caught on many occasions lying to  voters.He has unhealthy relationships with the top end of town.He misuses his authority to try and settle political scores at great expense to taxpayers.                     

Dishonesty means that his credibility is shot. He denies he is in breach of the constitution s44. He says he followed protocols when entering politics. Yet all evidence suggests he is not and did not. I base this on his blatant refusal to produce documents. His history of lies. The interference of his P\A in FOI requests . The refusal of the Attorney General to respond to emails pleading with him to investigate the matter,points to a coverup. 

Tony Abbott has scored an F for his first year. He has spent more time trying to be relevant on a global scale at the expense of domestic affairs. His policies have targeted  the elderly,sick, education ,science and many other areas. All have less money yet we have record taxes. He wants to sell off assets to pay for his economic mismanagement. Our political history says we can support infrastructure with the taxes we pay,yet Tony and his ministry don't have the talent to deliver this.

Monday, 22 September 2014

Finding their feet Liverpool need to mesh fast.

Liverpool coming off a strong showing last season are off to a sluggish start. They have bolstered their list in the off season and look to have the artillery to contend. At the moment they appear to be playing with two left feet. I don't believe this is due to anything malicious. I don't believe the playing group is satisfied with its lot. I just think they haven't all committed to each other. They don't know the idiosyncrasies of their teammates. This will come with hard work that I'm sure Brendan Rogers is applying to his team.


I still believe Liverpool is going to contend this season. If they manage to regroup and get the points against Everton it's not out the question that they win 5 in a row and get themselves in the mix for silverware.We haven't seen the upside from the talent influx I can't wait to witness the damage Balotelli will cause when they start to deliver a more regular supply into the box.


Sunday, 21 September 2014

Freya Newman whistleblower or political target.

Australia should be grateful that Freya Newman spoke out and sought the truth. In doing so she has gone from whistleblower to a political target. She like many of us thought it bizarre that the White House chose the daughter of the Prime Minister of Australia to award a scholarship.The first of its specific type in 25 years. They would have us believe it is a "Deirdre Chambers" coincidence. If we had a mathematician do the probabilities it's more likely that everyone that reads this post wins Tattslotto than this being anything other than a coordinated gift. Not the PMs daughters fault. Definitely not Freyas fault.

Placed in Freyas position its understandable her desire to uncover what she believes a rort and the pursuit of truth collided with her ability to access said documents. We like Freya want to live in a world where our political representatives have regard for probity. Ethics empathy and ability to deliver good outcomes, all desirable traits. 

The reality is we are served anything but this. Politicians misusing allowances  accepting gifts taking holidays and doing clandestine deals with political donors. All abhorrent practices. That must boil the blood of voters working hard to provide the very taxes they are rorting.

Freya Newman should be and is a hero for speaking up. For highlighting this dubious activity. If she's imprisoned she's Australia's first political prisoner,on home soil. How low will the current regime that oversees Australia's affairs go.


Saturday, 20 September 2014

Animal protection "dolphins".

I found myself in an argument with some passionate dolphin campaigners,I got involved because I care about dolphins and their habitat. The campaigners were tearing strips off a public figure because she swam with captive dolphins. The campaigners were being rude to someone who had helped their cause in the past. Not only were they damaging their own brand they damaged their causes as well. Had they been prudent they could have explained why they didn't agree with dolphins in captivity.Had they sold it properly they could have had a public advocate for their cause. Instead they alienated her and myself through abuse.

Dolphins are treated abhorrently in Japan. Dolphin's in captivity are interesting.Places like sea world  and large public aquariums do keep dolphins.Some dolphins are taken in and repatriated after injuring themselves in the wild. The injured wild dolphins can once recovered go back into the wild. Dolphins born in captivity have no chance surviving the wild if introduced to it.

My position would be that these parks should be allowed to continue.They provide education to other humans about dolphins and other wildlife.They care for the animals. The reality is if they close the facilities these animals would be euthanized.The injured animals wouldn't be able to be repatriated so they would die in the wild.

I know from my experience the other day that fanatics will go feral rant and rave at my position. Tough luck,having said that if I was given information that supported a change in my position I would certainly take it on board,particularly if the advice is from a qualified person.

The practice in Japan of herding wild dolphins into a cove and slaughtering them with clubs and machetes is abhorrent to me as I'm sure it is to most people that has a love of animals.I hope the governments of the world and other bodies that have leverage get stuck into the Japanese government to outlaw this practice.If I am successful and win a place on the Senate I will personally engage the Japanese government & try to get them to outlaw the slaughter of Marine wild life in this fahion.


Abbott must face music over missing RN

The Australian constitution must be respected.It is the foundation of our nation. This issue has nothing to do with Tony Abbotts origin. It has everything to do with respect, of our nation and its foundations.If Tony Abbott has made false declarations and breached section 44.It is not only fraud, it is a slap in the face for of all those that have toiled, fought and bled in the formative years of our nation.

 Every politician swears allegiance to the constitution.If we cannot or do not enforce this.We are accepting that those who represent us, have no requirement, to be honest.Nor do they have a requirement to act in our interests. I believe political probity is at stake. Probity must be enforced in parliament, it's erosion has led to the corruption we have today.                                       

Tony Abbott can easily put this issue to bed by producing documentation of his renouncement of UK citizenship.The obstruction from access to this document supports the belief that he either hasn't or did it when he realized he was going to be caught, not when he had to by law in 1994.


Friday, 19 September 2014

Hands Off Education

Those of you that follow my blogs know I have nothing positive to say about our current Government.My natural tendency politically has always been slightly left of centre. This governments take on education really worries me.

The reduction of funding across the board leads to bigger classes less one on one time with students,greater stress for teachers and ultimately poorer outcomes for all. For over 100 years governments have been able to fund every thing. With taxes at an all time high, resources should easily be able to fund community requirements.

Yet in all areas the funds are being cut. Not only is this short sighted it's dangerous. People wanting tertiary educations are being asked to go into hock,some almost $100,000 to get their degree and start to earn, if they gain employment. Where is all the money going? The very politicians that are inflicting this debt enjoyed free tertiary educations in most cases. This is wrong. We need to encourage our talented people to get top educations ,which will land them top jobs and the taxes they pay will off set the costs of their educations. Education should not ever be a burden.


To all the students and Universities that are being forced to compete for funding. I intend to be a stern advocate for government funded education. Our politicians seem to just throw their hands in the air and walk away from fires they've lit.The pie has never been bigger.Government need to manage its resources better.They throw money away hand over fist on advertising. Election campaigning.Personal staffing. Inefficient public service. Overseas junkets they call "fact finding missions " They need to cut the rhetoric and start delivering what they are paid for.Or get the hell out of the way for someone with the desire and nouse to deliver what's required.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

The real agenda

The real agenda. In Australia it is often squirreled away,which highlights the necessity for change.The recent events in #icac highlight the clandestine nature of political association to donors.Whilst it is clear the relationship is real. It's often buried from the public eye. Through staged businesses and poor media coverage due to the control of Australian media by yes another donor Rupert Murdoch.


Big business controls the political agenda in Australia.Policy is driven by these interests. Politician's appear to be beholden which leads to favorable legislation.There is no transparency as reporters are not driven by the story,their main focus is self preservation.Any one with the guts to take on the establishment and write "what is" discovers the joys of ostracism.

The recent slashing of resources the ABC has supports this theory. The media mogul doesn't want the truth distracting from the Abbott agenda.Nor do the mining magnates who drain the nations resources.

The minions are of little consequence.Sure they are required. They support the house of cards. Politicians moguls and political benefactors retiring to the gravy train live in oblivious bliss.


Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Time to try and make a difference. My Name is Mark Dickenson

I've had a lot of diverse experience, through education, employment, being a father, being a father to an autistic child, and now becoming a grandfather. I've enjoyed everything I've experienced. I still believe I have unfinished business.

Dylan my youngest is 18 he has autism. I have learned a lot through his development and that of his mates. We must invest heavily as early as we can to get the best outcomes for these children.The better the outcome the less reliant they will be on welfare in later years. I'd like to see teachers in this field be able to travel and learn from best practices around the world. Not only for autism for all disabilities.

I've decided the best way I can make a difference is to stand for the Senate. Hopefully, this would give me a platform to fight for the things that I'm passionate about.I want my political career to be based on honesty. I want to be able to provide a voice to the minorities that aren't getting a fair go. Whilst I can only be elected by Victorians I don't want to limit my concern to just Victorian issues. I want to make it a point to be accessible. I am aware that the influence I can have as a Senator is impacted by the balance in the Senate seats. Even in the worst case.I will commit that I will fight to be heard both in parliament and in the media.To put issues that are being neglected by the government on the agenda.                                            

These are some of the other issues I'm passionate about. Aged Care, cystic fibrosis, Aboriginal &Torres strait islanders, dementia, environment conservation, Renewable energy, animal welfare, Asylum seekers, bullying & education in no particular order.

Whilst I may not have the answers to every problem fore-mentioned I will work hard to seek the talent required to address or improve the outcomes in these areas. Those of you that follow me on twitter and Facebook know that I don't hold back when I think a politician is wrong. I intend to take that trait with me to Canberra and challenge what I perceive as apathetic complacent gravy train loving politicians.

So if you're in Victoria and you like my ideas please think of giving me a go when the next election comes along. You can even support by sharing the story with friends.Thanks for reading.

                                             regards Mark Dickenson



Saturday, 13 September 2014

The 20 year deception.

It is a prerequisite when one enters the federal political arena that you must be eligible.You must meet all the requirements as a matter of course.The Australian electoral commission is not an investigative body. Providing false or misleading information on your application is equivalent to signing a false statutory declaration. 

Tony Abbott was born a UK citizen. He came to Australia young and became an Australian citizen. Part of the criteria for entry into federal politics is that Mr Abbott renounced his UK citizen status. Several years ago I heard that Tony Abbott was travelling with a UK Passport, It was a rumour nothing more. He did return to the UK for the purposes of study back in the 80's.Between then and 1995 Tony Abbott must have renounced his citizenship of the UK or his entire political career is premised on a lie.

If Tony Abbott has done this. It is the greatest fraud in global history. He must prove he is not in breach of s44. The media must force him to answer the questions for the integrity of politics and political reporting. Murdoch must put relationships aside and allow this to happen. I hope for the sake of political integrity this happens.

I suspect it will be avoided at all costs. We must keep the pressure on social media make it uncomfortable for them to cover up the issue. Two separate attempts to solve this have been blocked one in the UK and one in Australia. Smells like a conspiracy. 

What is the true danger?

The liberal party in a desperate attempt to claw back credibility has to hang it's collective hat on a terrorist threat.They have upgraded the security alert to the highest level. They have no other avenue to escape the wrath of the people the have failed.The terrorist risk that exists if it exists is theirs. They have sat idly by and allowed people to go overseas fight under a foreign flag of some description. They have effectively funded it by paying these vagabonds the dole while completing their mission. Then when they decided to return they've not seized passports.They haven't refused entry. They've welcomed them home. 


Lets face it the Liberals are hemorrhaging profusely. They have been in charge for just over twelve months and nearly every minister is adding to the bleeding. The targets of most of the policy is the battler. The sick the aged the invalid the disabled. That's never going to be embraced in Australia. Our Psyche is support the underdog. We don't pound people when they're down. If we've strayed away from that we need to revisit it.

The Liberal Party want to divert our eyes from the pain they're causing. Abbott's being Abbott and fumbling his way through announcement after announcement . He appears not to know whats coming from his mouth until it's delivered. Faux pas standard practice like his insult too the Scottish. His fighting words to Putin. Perhaps he is calculating and needs these to distract from the failed budget.As an observer I don't subscribe to this theory. I just think the man is bereft of talent surrounded by sycophants.

To me the country needs reform. It needs to stop the relationships that aren't talked about from driving policy. The NSW State parliament is being cleansed of corruption by ICAC which should be used as a template for other states. It should also be applied to Federal Parliament,sooner rather than later. The relationships that appear to exist between the federal Liberal party and the top end of town ,especially miners must be a priority.They cannot be allowed to continue to rape the countries resources without paying for the privilege. If the way they have gone about securing the deals they have done is fair and legal we have to wear it. If it is not the authorities should seize assets that have been procured through illegal clandestine activity. 


Friday, 12 September 2014

Suns contemplate move on Thompson

The failure of Gold Coast Suns to capitalize on a fantastic start to their season.The availability of Mark Thompson for senior coach role opens the door to an alternate future. Have they sounded out Thompson? Can they sack McKenna when the side clearly has progressed this season?                                                        

The Suns season was almost the polar opposite of Richmond s. Great early,appearing almost certain finalists.Falling away dramatically when the captain Gary Ablett injured his shoulder.Gary's season was ended early requiring surgery. This enabled teams opposing the Suns to focus attention on other players usually afforded Ablett. They were unable to find a way to overcome this in the closing part of the year. Proving an unhealthy reliance on their superstar.

This is an unconfirmed rumor the Club has not confirmed. In the AFL where there's smoke there's fire.                                      

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Mario Balotelli

Liverpool fans should rejoice Mario Balotelli has talent to burn. He is maturing and with that should come his best football. He is unpredictable,embrace it, because that is the intangible thing that makes it difficult to defend. As a fan myself,I find reason to raise the bar of expectation this season. Liverpool has developed a fine squad of players. Balotelli in my opinion is the reckless abandon and dare, that could deliver Liverpool from good side to a great side. Dangerous in the air and on the ground, in the box and outside it, Balotelli is the X factor.

Enjoy the ride. I know I will. Just wish I wasn't across the world in Australia, so I could embrace the atmosphere that you wonderful people add too any fixture.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0BwOxf2CIgU

It's difficult not to be cynical about politics in Australia. We have a 1 yr old federal government that is increasingly on the nose for several reasons. There is the failed policies in several of the key portfolios. The anger that promises made during the campaign have been broken. The failure of several politicians to address community concerns. A revelation that our government has been rewarding it's donors with favors through legislation during ICAC investigations. The use by senior ministers of national security as a diversion from failed policy.Australian voters are being treated with disdain.

Health is an important portfolio it's important to all humans. It has been attacked with a $7 levy on all medical appointments. This is unfair as the sick and the elderly are going to be the ones most severely impacted. Most are already adversely impacted in their income streams through their illness or age. Fortunately the Senate has committed to block this. The minister for health Peter Dutton has also delayed access to Kalydeco which is available in 17 developed countries around the world. He has cost lives and caused angst to an entire community. He is not fit to have this portfolio he lacks empathy and compassion and is incredibly evasive.

Immigration & border protection minister Scott Morrison has taken a clandestine approach to his portfolios. I'm not a huge fan of the policies of either political parties. As an Australian I think it's important that anyone wanting to come here is given the opportunity to present their case. We should be selective. In genuine cases of political asylum we should be compassionate. When they are not genuine we should expedite the process. Human rights are important not only in this forum. We should ensure that the violations that are occurring stop it is adversely affecting our standing in the global community.

Employment a commitment during the election campaign has been neglected. The car industry in Australia has died. No more manufacturing .Thousands of jobs gone. Aviation has slashed jobs in Australia. Many are and will face hardship unless the government innovates and creates new jobs. Investment in research and development of ideas must become a government focus.

Education has been targeted by the government. Students have been distracted from what their focus should be drawn into protests as Christopher Pyne has decided too make education a burden to students with fees set to rise dramatically. We should be encouraging students to develop knowledge  through tertiary education. If we do they will get better jobs and pay more taxes. It is short sighted and unfair to burden people wanting to improve themselves with debts.


Corruption in politics. We apparently haven't been watching our governments closely enough. Recent events including ICAC investigations are uncovering a clandestine underbelly in Australian politics. Major parties have always relied on political donations. They fund campaigns advertising and costs associated with running a political party. It is becoming apparent that these donations are coming with strings attached. The donors are impacting policy and legislation for favorable outcomes. This must stop. Politicians must also be leaders and show restraint.Not abuse their privileged positions, exploiting allowances for their own benefit. I hope ICAC is allowed to go through parliament and clean this up because it's a disgrace at present. That is apolitical as well any politician milking the system should be fair game.


Monday, 8 September 2014

Master of illusion

Tony Abbott has had 12 months as Prime minister and we really don't have a hell of a lot to show for it. He has spent more time deflecting from domestic issues than he has addressing them. He has broken many of his promises made during the election campaign. He seems more determined to be lauded for his grandstanding overseas than for any contribution to the Australian lot.

His good mate Rupert Murdoch and the associated media have shielded Abbott and his failed ministers from a lot of criticism . Many burning issues have not been properly addressed .With Rupert s support  Tony Abbott has used several disasters and fights with foreign leaders too deflect from serious issues at home.

ICAC Abbott s adviser Peta  Credlin and the political donations scandal has been swept aside. When the reality is it is a massive story. Political donations what do they buy you? The emails that have recently been made public show us there is some tawdry dealings happening hidden from the public eye.

Is Tony Abbott eligible to be in parliament? It has recently come to light that the Prime minister may be in breach of s44 .He has not responded to request to clarify if he had renounced his UK citizen status prior to running for office in 1994. Attempts through FOI to access this information have been blocked. 
Then there is Ashby gate with ministers trying too cover each others tracks and others being gagged too stop the story from snowballing. This could potentially bring down the government on its own .Where is Wyatt Roy what is he hiding?

Joe Hockey and apparently others in Canberra have been using their allowance inappropriately . Joe in particular is paying his $270 a night allowance directly too his family for a property they own. At the same time both Hockey and Tony Abbott are trying too sell a line that all Australians must sacrifice. Abbott or Hockey have not been forced to properly address this issue.

Both Abbott and Hockey have regularly put their foot in mouth. Hockey with the poor don't drive cars fiasco. Abbott with his comments about the Scottish Independence and his hunger for a fight with Putin during the MH17  disaster.  Yet Murdoch media are lauding him as a great leader,he's still globally insignificant.

Too many innocent Australians are being adversely impacted by Tony Abbott s failures and those of his ministers. It's only a matter of time before the damn walls are breached. Not even Murdoch can hold back the turbulent waters that are about to swamp the Abbott regime.


Sunday, 7 September 2014

I like a lot of Australians watched as Liz Hayes grilled James Ashby and to a lesser extent Mal Brough who supposedly was acting as James Lawyer. I found the interview was reasonable but it left you with more questions than answers. Not because Liz Hayes failed to ask the right questions of Mr Ashby. More because she couldn't ask the questions of the absentees in this affair.

The two notable missing in action are Christopher Pyne and Wyatt Roy. Both were unavailable or not willing participants. Pyne is already on record denying involvement or knowledge. Mr Ashby's statements would suggest this may not be the case.

The young inexperienced Wyatt Roy is the key. He unlike the other major players in this saga is not used to media and public scrutiny.He is the one most likely to crack under the intense focus and blow this affair and its players apart. The truth will set you free Mr Roy.

The interview of Ashby left me thinking that James Ashby had more credibility than the other players. He had a notarized diary to support his version of events. He had texts that were sent to and from his phone supporting him. I just felt he was not hesitant or evasive. 

Mal Brough was as lawyers are evasive and not really responsive to the questions which I believe added to the credibility of Mr Ashby and his version of events.
23 million Australians deserve to hear from Wyatt Roy and Christopher Pyne. There appear to be some solid lies being told perhaps when they catch up with Roy he may elaborate.

Monday, 1 September 2014

Why is the AFL system flawed?

Don't get me wrong I love VFL/AFL yet i am some what bemused by the Salary cap and also the free agency system as well. The system is supposed to encourage equity. It is also supposed to lift the sides that are regularly low on the ladder to become competitive and ultimately have their time in the sun. It doesn't seem to be working for teams like Melbourne. Teams like Sydney,Geelong and Hawthorn seem to have been able to retain position without having their time without success.Kudos to these clubs they have been well managed and have recruited and developed players better than their competitors.

Free agency our model seems to be a way for the player deprived of success to move to a better club to experience a shot at glory with a more successful team. Except in Buddy Franklin and Gary Abletts cases where they were enticed with life changing offers. The players cannot be blamed for taking opportunities when they arise as careers are generally not long the very best players 10-15 years with few exceptions.Why do we to protect the lower teams from the fallout of free agency. If allowed the strong clubs will use the lower clubs as development sites.Teams must be properly compensated for lost players.The system needs an arbiter to assess loss and compensate without recourse.

The system compels clubs to pay within the salary cap. In an 18 team competition the gap in talent between the best and the worst teams is substantial. The best team in the present season won 17 of 22 games with a 142%. The bottom side won 4 of 22 with a 60%. The gap is vast. The players from these 2 clubs must be payed at least 80% of the allowed cap up to 100%. You would hope that if the system is working the top side would be closer to 100% than the bottom side.This is not necessarily the case. Some clubs have back ended  contracts there are countless variables.

I believe the Salary cap should be altered to a performance based format. As the side slides down so will its player payments and visa versa. This would give the lowest club a kitty of money to buy players to improve its performance. The highest club would have less to spend on player recruitment. Players are not forced to move the best players still get the most money. They just don't get rewarded for mediocrity like players have been . Everyone is performance based.This system would see the best team earn more than its competitors incrementally down to the 18th club that would earn considerably less. It will motivate the worst to work harder.

I don't know what the perfect model is for fairness. I was pretty angry when my side was repeatedly missing the finals and the players were going through the motions. I can only imagine how the Melbourne fans feel.

Serenity now.

I found myself watching an old episode of Sienfeld on Sunday morning.I have to say it's still one of my favorite shows after all this time.The characters all add to the hilarity. So many fantastic stories it's really unfair to pick just one that stands above the rest.

From the soup Nazi, the marine bioligist, the car park, the bubble boy to festivus and all the stories in between surely there has never been a funnier show in Television history.

Don't get me wrong. I still enjoy the odd re run of I dream of Jeannie,bewitched and Get Smart. All are still funny but none offer the twists and turns the plots and subplots on offer in an episode of Sienfeld.

Who could invent a story line where 1 character hits a bucket of titliests into the ocean & another character ends up pretending to be a marine bioligist saving a whale by removing a golf ball from the blow hole of the whale yes it was a titliest.