Saturday, 28 February 2015

It's not you Gillian it's them

The political system in Australia devours more than its politicians. Political parties have the power to appoint people to positions of power They can also fire people.There is no requirement for this to be done in the interest of the people or the integrity of the institutions they're appointed to. The primary purpose of this is not in any way to enhance these organisations.It's pure to control them.
When the attorney general's secretary approached Gillian Triggs with the enticement of another position, to get her to vacate her current one. He did so with the endorsement of his boss and his bosses boss. This is the modus operandi. It's how to erode the integrity of important roles. Replace a sincerely dedicated person with one to act as window dressing. Fortunately, Gillian called their bluff and continues to do her job with distinction.
It makes me wonder how many Government agencies have been corrupted in this way.How often have the Abbotts and Brandis of #auspol got their way in the past? How often have they got their puppets into roles?What have they actually corrupted?
Little wonder they refuse to entertain a federal ICAC branch when the need for one is so blatantly required.The community knows it. The community wants it. Yet the politicians ignore the desires of those who elect them because they know many of their careers would be jeopardised, perhaps ended by its establishment.
Whilst the Australian Human Rights Commission's report is important as is the issue of the report. I fear the agenda of the attack on Gillian Triggs doesn't register with most people. The victims and their futures are lost in the politics.This comes at a huge price to both the children I speak of and to our nation's reputation abroad.This children asylum detention issue has been burning away for 20+

years in front of various governments.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Brandis must go!

The Gillian Triggs attack is just the tip of the iceberg. The political interference in what are meant to be independent agencies is both unacceptable and unlawful. The Australian Human Rights Commission should be able to release findings table reports and publicly comment without interference from angry Ministers. This is fundamentally what is wrong with Australia. Many of these agencies are riddled with political appointments that tow the Govt line. The reaction of Abbott and now Brandis is clearly supporting evidence. It's now on the public record that Brandis via his secretary offered Triggs another role for falling on her sword. What was the role? How often does this happen? Why does it happen? Who investigates this?

Little doubt as to the reasons for these actions. The Govt wants to control public knowledge of this type of issue. They don't want adverse publicity on human rights issues. They want sycophants in charge to ensure it. It would appear the AFP investigate this matter. I lodged a complaint with the AFP in relation to the Abbott s44.1 alleged breach. They are still allegedly investigating although I have had absolutely no contact except for an extremely late nonresponse email about a month past the time they are required to respond. Is it because it was about the Abbott Govt? These agencies are meant to be totally independent of Govt.
The Freya Newman case where charges were drafted via the attorney general's office was another example of why they shouldn't be allowed to interfere.Yet they do. They do it in clandestine ways. Yet this time, they've been sprung because Gillian Triggs has the courage of her convictions. She is also clever enough with her vast legal experience, to dodge the Abbott knives.
I hope Brandis is removed pending any investigation.I doubt it will happen with Abbott in charge.

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Hardly an endorsement

Well my mail was wrong My mail was 38 were for the spill. This is not an endorsement of the Abbott regime. Party etiquette says that 41 were obliged to vote for Abbott. The remaining 60 1 being absent 20 supported Abbott 39 voted for anybody else and one couldn't workout the how to vote form. This is to be continued.
Abbott has a tenuous hold on his job.The performance of both him and his Ministry is critical to his future.With a history of clangers and faux pas he needs a clean sheet from now until the end of the year.Lets face it he's doomed history alone says 18 day average between stuff ups. He's not popular anywhere apparently after today's vote.
Turnbull will no longer fear having a crack at Abbott.He will be wanting to move soon to ensure no one else covets the chalice. It's going to provide entertainment to reality tv buffs over the next few weeks. A coup is now inevitable

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Why is compliance with our Constitution important ?

As many of you who follow my blog know I have been trying to enforce the Australian Prime Ministers compliance with s44.1 of the Australian Constitution. Many people don't regard this as a serious issue. I have had lengthy conversations with politicians and their staff.Many have been spent explaining why this issue and general compliance with the laws is important.
My reasons are as follows. I believe that our political representatives should be held to high levels of integrity and compliance. They should be respectful of the people they represent and never abuse the privileges that they are given as parliamentarians.If we allow variations in levels of honesty and or compliance whatever the law involved, we are accepting less.We are saying it's ok to be mediocre. Most importantly via complacency, we are condoning bad behaviour and lowering the expectations on all that follows.
People suggest that I am a "birther" which I vehemently deny. I respect people who have chosen Australia as their home.I think it's a wonderful thing immigration it has generally added positive aspects to the Australian way of life. I have no problem with dual citizenship. I only have an issue with noncompliance. If you want to be a politician it is abundantly clear on your application that you must renounce allegiance to other nations. This is a law s44 in our Constitution.
This issue is not going away for Mr Abbott. He can easily put it to bed by producing the document or admitting the breach and facing the consequences. Terri Butler recently wrote to the PM asking him to clear this matter up. Fox News editorial has also discussed it. Well done Derryn Hinch going where MSM fears to tread.

Please help me lift the levels of probity in #auspol to where they should be. You deserve better representation than what you are getting.