Sunday, 30 August 2015

Pathology says Abbott's in breach.

History says Tony Abbott has real issues with honesty. I recently saw a meme claiming he'd lied 357 times in 2 years as PM. Even if these numbers are exaggerated they clearly show the man's pathology.

Abbott has repeatedly refused to prove he is no longer a dual citizen. That he is compliant with s44.1 of the Australian constitution. People wanting this issue clarified are branded birthers to discredit them. Actually, the issue isn't really about an origin. It's about compliance. It's about the integrity of politicians representing us.

In the real world if someone makes a false declaration to get a job it's regarded as fraud. Abbott is accused of making a false declaration to the AEC prior to running for parliament. Now the issue is probably more serious than that. As he has continued to roll on without remorse claiming salary & entitlements that if guilty he is not eligible to claim.

If he is not compliant he has involved many others in this issue, politicians from both major parties have dropped the ball here. Many don't comprehend the significance of the issue.It goes to the core of why our parliament fails to deliver what it could. It explains the levels of MP expenditure on themselves. It shows the motives of many of our politicians are not sincere.