Tuesday, 26 January 2016

#auspol corruption?Milk cows not taxpayers.

Our governments over the last 30 years have neglected corporate taxation to a point today where 579 corporations in the top 1500 pay no tax. The other 921 companies have paid varying amounts from1% up to 5%  These corporations manipulate laws to lower what their taxable income is by up to 90% in countries all around the world in some instances using subsidiaries or shelf corporations. This means that tax revenue from companies in Australia  is a mile off what it should be based on their true revenue.It has had  a devastating impact on Australia. We have been misled by many governments and a lot of MP's for 30 years. In this time we have seen services diminish, assets stripped & sold. Our politicians have used a lack of revenue as the reason for these austerity measures.                                              
I can't imagine how this can be condoned or explained. It truly is criminal. We have effectively been robbed by our governments and their opponents are complicit as they've waited their turn to oversee the same issue. If it isn't corruption which I suspect it is. It is incompetence on a grandiose scale.

There are too many links with the companies & MP's & or political parties.Donations Jobs, board roles speaking engagements with massive fees, jobs for relatives gifts consultancies etc.
How do we fix this issue? Until we either get public awareness of the seriousness of the issue or we get a fair dinkum investigative body with broad investigative & prosecutorial powers, we won't.
The frightening thing is if the present course is maintained with the addition of trade agreements and lax laws regards company bankruptcy. The people of Australia are going to be hammered with job losses. Lose entitlements via broke companies lose superannuation through market collapses. The gap they talk of is fast becoming a canyon and it appears to be preordained.

Monday, 25 January 2016

Australia let's do it right.

It isn't possible to walk a mile in the shoes of another. We are all unique yes even identical twins.I cannot imagine what it must have been like to have been indigenous 230 years ago. What our forebears did was as shameful an act of depravity as any before or since. People herded to their deaths of cliffs.Slain raped and pillaged.
I like most Australians have empathy for indigenous people. The failure of our system to properly deal with this issue has seen this culture struggle to find itself,or it's future & truly deal with its past. I do know through family that dealing with trauma is different for every person. This is possibly what makes it a conundrum to resolve amicably.That and a lack of understanding of the legalities of true acknowledgment.
I think Australia must address this issue properly as we become a republic. Acknowledge our past. Owning its reality isn't saying we did it it's simply saying it happened and it was anything but ok. If we can do this via consultation with indigenous elders perhaps we can become the nation we should be. A flag with acknowledgment would be a start of something new for all Australians.
Fixing the issues that see indigenous life expectancies & prison rates significantly worse than averages means we must change our approach. When I look at the panels of people on commissions and used as consultants I am not surprised we are where we are.
I hope ambassadors like Stan Grant & Adam Goodes along with tribal elders and people who have overcome adversity to excel are utilised more when searching for solutions to the massive social and economic issues faced by indigenous Australians.Mainstream culture has similar issues to address which could and should be tackled as well.
Greatness as a nation in my eyes is about unity and social awareness not always about the high achievers.
As a Senate candidate I want the indigenous community to know I am in their corner and will fight for you in parliament if I manage to get there..

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

#AFL360 Railroaded by everyone

I love AFL footy I've watched it since I was 4 played it when work permitted until I was 40. The result of the WADA appeal left me gobsmacked. Players given 2 years based on the presumption of guilt. No new evidence this was a review of the ASADA case. How can the result be polar opposite?
This case was never about the welfare of the players. Three years of speculation.Temporarily lifted only to be smashed by an unknown umpire who doesn't have a wonderful record of fairness or impartiality. They generally hammer the accused who has no legal recourse.
What a balls up the ASADA investigation was. They are meant to be independent. How did Essendon know they were coming before they arrived? Who leaked the information to various media outlets during the course of the investigation. What happened to the records of the program? Were there ever any? Were they destroyed? Why if the players asked questions regarding compliance with the WADA code and were subsequently reassured do they have any case to answer?
I am sure the players must be devastated their careers have been cut short in some cases destroyed by this saga. It will be of little consolation they have legal cases against their employer possibly against the AFL & ASADA. I am a Richmond supporter. The way the players from Essendon have carried themselves through this ridiculous investigation has been admirable for young men.

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Australians deserve an answer on corporate welfare.

In light of the fact that many critical services have been slashed and sold off over the last few decades. Australians deserve an answer to a couple of critical questions MPs must answer before the next federal election. How many previous governments including today's have used tax revenue as an excuse? How many governments have slashed services claiming it was necessary? How many governments have rubber stamped corporations paying, little or no tax over the past 3 decades? The Australian worker is footing the bill for everything. Including subsidising corporations in some cases particularly mining in recent times. On the back of this corporate welfare. Many of the nation's assets have been stripped and sold off. Causing costs to the taxpayer to rise securing the very same services that are no longer provided by the government.
This is probably the greatest betrayal of government in our nation's history. There isn't a sitting MP who isn't aware this has been happening. Where are their anger and condemnation? They are a disgrace. They should be stripped of their entitlements & sent to Nauru on a leaky boat.