Sunday, 28 February 2016

#TaxReform #auspol Much ado about nothing.

From the government perspective, there really isn't much to talk about. Which two and a half years into a three-year term is an indictment in itself. They did put a toe in the water regards GST increase. That was quickly withdrawn before they lost a leg. They've actually been acting more like an opposition than the opposition.
The opposition has unveiled policy on negative  gearing reforms that deal with all new investments post the advertised date. This is not an unreasonable position. It does fail to address the people already heavily invested in this fashion. Whilst that would require laws and a possible staggered or gradual requirement for compliance. In my mind, that would have been the best outcome. Bowen has been quite reasonable from what I've seen explaining the policy and the projected outcome. His opponent the treasurer has struggled with his portfolio. Not unlike his robust predecessor.
Whilst there is no recent evidence to suggest either of these parties has what is required to run this critical area of government with any success. Bowen shows some signs he may make it as a treasurer.
I really hope if they get the gig they have a plan to tackle corporate welfare. It is the biggest issue in tax reform and it rarely gets mentioned. Which is absolutely gobsmackingly incredible

Workers need protection if you care please share.

On Monday 15/2/2016 labour hire people were informed at an impromptu meeting by the management of Super Retail Group that the company was making a profit-driven decision to change labour-hire companies. This will have the effect of putting existing workers back to the award they are covered by. Should the new agency want their services? This is apparently not the first time companies have manipulated lax laws at the behest of profit. This practice is not illegal yet it is immoral. Particularly when you realise the group driving the decision recorded it greatest profit ever last financial year.

Some of the workers involved have been strung along as casual workers for up to 4 years With no holidays or sick leave and along the way many niggling experiences an employee shouldn't have to put up with.
Super Retail Group recently negotiated an EBA which with reasonable intent would cover these people providing service to them.This agreement is signed off by FWA. There is a clause in this agreement regards casual workers employed by the retail group. They clearly have no intent of utilising this in warehousing. Yet the clause remains redundant as it is. I ask how this could possibly be recognised as bargaining in good faith?
Irrespective of that the Super Retail Group doesn't appear to care for the career progression of these workers. It's been over 4 years since anyone made the leap from casual to permanent.
I call on the people of Australia to send this business a message. Tell them that Australian workers matter. Tell them that consumers have expectations about the way staff is treated and employed in this country. #BoycottSuperRetailGroup #BoycottRays #BoycottBCF #BoycottSupercheapAuto #BoycottRebel #BoycottGoldcrossCycles #BoycottAmartSports

I'm committed to changing laws if elected to the Senate. I will fight to have issues like this taken away from companies that don't have a moral compass. I hope that a boycott will force this organisation to change its ways in this area.
If we just allow big companies to treat Aussie workers like this because we can. We are giving it a green light to continue. Personally, I will never shop at any of these stores again. Unless they address what they've done and refrain from doing it in the future.
This piece is personal to me as it has adversely impacted many workers I care about and consider friends.
I also feel deeply sorry for the labour-hire firm that was also treated shabbily in this process. Many of their workforces have been poached in this process.

Friday, 26 February 2016

Cystic fibrosis community. Where it all began.

As many of you know who were involved in the rollercoaster ride campaigning for Kalydeco. I'm Jane O'Brien's brother Mark. I enjoyed the campaign involvement immensely. It gave me an insight into your community that most unafflicted with cystic fibrosis get to see. You have a wonderful spirit in times of need. My involvement in the campaign took me places I'd never thought of. It showed me angles and arguments I hadn't thought of. It taught me how difficult it is to be heard.I'm 50 years of age and I want to make a difference. Not solely to the cystic fibrosis community. To the human aspect, that seems to be neglected in Australian politics. I am running for The Senate Election 2016 from Victoria.
I believe with the support of communities I've been involved in via my autistic son Dylan's journey. I may muster enough support to give minorities a strong voice in and out of parliament.I have been working very hard over the past year to build an audience on social media. Predominantly via a blog site that has had over 150,000 visits. and by actively campaigning on twitter.
I don't want to be just another politician. I want to be accessible. Particularly to cystic fibrosis families whenever needed. I intend to remain interactive on my twitter site. How will this help the community? I envisage there will be other medications to lobby for. Like Orkambi now. I think having a voice inside parliament highlighting delays and other issues could be of real benefit. I also think it would give me access to more information and may expose ways these things can be sped up. I think it would give me access to pharmaceutical companies key stakeholders in these issues. I am sure it will not in any way harm the chances of this communities concerns being heard.
I am not doing any paid advertising in my campaign. I am going to do crowd funding  purely for the purpose of charitable donations. For example, My sister Jane has an interest in a possible trial that may be constructive for cystic fibrosis & related conditions. Perhaps we could donate to a University in Melbourne to get this happening?
Other areas of interest for me are aged care, mental health, drug rehabilitation, disabilities, domestic violence, homelessness health care to name a few.
I don't know how successful crowd funding will be but there's only one way to find out.

Saturday, 20 February 2016

#LadyCilento @PeterDuttonMP How low can you go?

This tale has two sides. Pride in a nation, & disdain for its bereft representation. A little baby named Asha is in this tug of war. The innocent child blissfully unaware of her participation. Doctors nurses and their colleagues have stood tall to stop the govt from sending baby Asha from safety to a place where there is historically no guarantees or reassuring stories. Surely there are better things to do with our nation's resources? Border Force under instruction from the Minister Peter Dutton is planning to send back #asylumseekers to Nauru. Asha is one of these people.
The people of Australia's support for the Hospital & Asha makes me feel proud of my country. For a nation so small to trend in the USA on social media shows how much passion my people have for life for fairness & for humanity.
The Govt position is a polar opposite. Its policy is unjustifiable, unfair inhumane and often unlawful. This is one of many reasons I am running for the Senate from Victoria in the 2016 federal election. The government isn't being grilled enough. Or being made accountable for its failures in this domain or several others. I hope to change that.

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Careful what you wish for. #auspol

TPP & Chafta trade deals that will allow the global form of capitalism to run rampant. Our government in its hunger for the growth of any kind,has thought little of the consequence. I hope these deals never see the numbers pass through our parliament.
If they do they will open the doors to multinationals that will devour competitors with disdain & regularity.Australia is a finite market people will not use more through competition. Existing corporations will go broke. Employees will not be paid out. Shares will collapse impacting retirement funds.The dream of permanent employment will be gone forever. People will be forced to work as casuals through necessity for wages they once turned their noses up at.
Eventually, we will not be the masters of our own fate. If we ever were. I can only imagine how bad the poverty will be and its scale once this has happened. his doesn't even touch on the impact these trade deals will have on small nations. They will be owned through the courts with the legal agreements contained in the deals.
I hope sanity prevails and these agreements are blocked.